Keeping the foodservice equipment marketplace up to date with the latest menu and concept trends.


The open kitchen concept has become one of the biggest trends in restaurant design. When customers see an open kitchen, they often assume they see the whole production process. But is that truly possible? And is it practical from an operational standpoint?

From COVID-19 to foodservice design to food safety, FE&S’ readers interests ran the gamut in 2020. The editors carefully curated a list of the top 10 stories from for the past year.

A quick view of what’s happening with delivery, curbside pickup and any other variation of off-premises an operator can imagine.

With all the changes buffeting foodservice today, an adaptable cookline is more important than ever.

The takeout era has brought along with it some alternative ways of looking at equipment, food halls, campus dining and c-stores.

Americans seek the latest functional food ingredients to boost their meals’ nutritional content when dining out.

The new year brings another new version of the so-called new normal.

Three FCSI members share what’s changed for them in different segments, what’s sticking and what’s on the horizon for 2021 and beyond.

New ideas, ingredients (healthy and not) and innovations keep the Mexican segment on-trend.

The answer would have been vastly different nine months ago; the coronavirus gave birth to a new restaurant era.

America’s coffee culture continues to evolve as new brews, brewing methods, bean sources and technologies emerge. Millennials take the lead with java trends, and the under-40 demographic drives growth in cold brew and ready-to-drink categories, according to the National Coffee Association.

The juice and smoothie bar market continues to explode as consumers look to incorporate more nutrients into their daily diets. The estimated $5 billion segment offers myriad varieties of single-unit and chain operations. Along with piquing customers’ interest and loyalty, labor efficiency also factors into designs.

Getting the dish room layout right leads to good food safety practices and better flow of clean dishware through the kitchen.

This growing Italian chain gained a new takeout and delivery expo station as part of an awe-inspiring back-of-the-house refresh as the winner of FE&S’ Kitchen Storage Makeover Contest.

Planning to stick around for the long haul? Consider adapting the strategies in place at Tadich Grill, which has been operating since 1887.

Practically every restaurant with indoor dining has an HVAC system and the quality of those systems directly impact the customer experience, not to mention the health of guests and employees. Here are a few tips operators can take to keep their HVAC systems running well.