Expanding Services at Farmington Country Club

A renowned family-oriented private club in Charlottesville, Va., Farmington Country Club resides nearly 4 miles from the University of Virginia...
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As restaurants emerge from the pandemic, they still face mountains of challenges that will continue to impact how they design and build their locations. If you missed out on the FED Summit, or just want to rewatch one of the FED Talks, you can do so on the conference website.

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  • Double-Sided Handwashing Station

    Double-Sided Handwashing Station


    This unit features a pair of sinks separated by a safety guard. Each side also includes a faucet, foot pedal for hands-free use and dispensers for both soap and paper towels. It comes equipped with a 10-gallon fresh-water tank and a 13-gallon wastewater tank.


  • The Quiet One Blender

    The Quiet One Blender


    Vitamix has updated the design of this blender to enhance the aesthetic and make cleaning easier. The blender features four new programs that work with the optional aerating container. 


  • Ventech Condensation Hoods

    Ventech Condensation Hoods


    Ventech line of condensation hoods that works with select Combitherm combi ovens made by Alto-Shaam. Ventech PLUS features a HEPA filter along with condensation technology to capture and filter smoke-related vapor, grease and steam generated in the cooking process. These hoods can be factory or field installed.


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