Beverage Equipment

From coffee brewers to draft beer systems, browse a wide variety of beverage equipment.


Draft Beer Systems


Perlick now pairs its beer systems with Draught Guard beer-line cleaning technology. Draught Guard’s technology works from keg to tap via an electronic, nonchemical, low-frequency signal that both removes and prevents the formation of biofilm within the lines, per the maker. Each Draught Guard unit can treat up to 12 lines within one beer system.

Spinstick™ Mixing Base for Cocktails On Tap

Micro Matic USA, Inc.

The Spinstick™ Mixing Base from Micro Matic continuously blends cocktails with our patented vortex technology, preventing nearly any recipe from separating or settling. Simply drop the FDA-compliant SpinStick™ stirrer into a filled Beverage Tank™ with a batch recipe of your choice. Place the tank on top of the proprietary motorized mixing base and within moments, the SpinStick™ will begin spinning, resulting in a continuous mixing of the cocktail. Our mixing base system allows you to run up to four mixer bases in a series. Place in a keg box or a walk-in cooler to create your own signature beverage program!

Automated Beverage Sealer


GP PRO has added a self-service attachment for its automated sealing machine, which is a touchless beverage lidding solution that provides a tamper-evident, spill-resistant sealed film on to-go cups. This product can help improve hygiene, reduce accidental spills and eliminate the need for plastic snap-on lids. The automated sealing machine was introduced as a backroom product. The self-service attachment makes this a front-of-the-house solution.

Perlick Signature Mobile Bar Designed by Tobin Ellis


Perlick’s Signature Series mobile bars, designed by Tobin Ellis, offer all the quality of our preassembled underbars with mobility, so operators can easily move the bar anywhere within the venue for design and layout flexibility. Utilize one or several units to create multiple stations to maximize sales of highly profitable cocktails. The Signature Series mobile bars come in 42-inch or 66-inch models. 66-inch models are available with or without sinks; Perlick’s touchless faucet adapter is available as an option. Each Perlick Signature Series mobile bar features the Tobin Ellis zero-step bartending cockpit design that increases efficiency, maximizes drink throughput, and ensures bartender comfort.

New Beverage Dispensing Towers


Glastender added two new beverage dispensing towers to its product lineup. Bridge towers are available for air-cooled, direct draw applications in 14, 16 and 18 faucet sizes, and for remote glycol-chilled applications in 14, 16, 18, 20, 24 and 30 faucet sizes. For applications requiring access from both the front and back, the Double-Sided towers are available in 16, 20, 24, 32, 36 and 40 faucet sizes for glycol-chilled remote beverage systems.

Coffee Pot Cleaner

Nyco Products Company

The Nyco Coffee Pot Cleaner is a cleaner and destainer for pots, utensils, carafes and cups. It removes coffee, tea and stains such as burn marks from coffee pots, urns and other beverage serving equipment.

Brewed Coffee and Espresso Maker

Franke Coffee Systems America

The A1000 FLEX is part of Franke Coffee Systems America’s line of Super Automatic Equipment. The unit makes traditionally brewed coffee and espresso beverages, hot or iced, in one machine. Features include a cold-water bypass for iced beverages and a brew unit specifically designed for coffee and espresso. The unit also features an automated clean-in-place system as well as milk foaming capabilities.

FRIIA Water Delivery Systems

Marco Beverage Systems

Available in one-, two- or three-button variants, FRIIA is an undercounter water delivery system. The unit delivers one, two or three types of water from a single font.

Nitro Dispensing Kits


These nitro dispensing kits that infuse beverages with nitrogen are suitable with for use with coffee, beer and other drinks served on tap. The kit includes an infuser, hoses and connections, a 6-way distributor, regulator assembly and an air sleeve. The kit requires pairing with a tower that has 304 stainless-steel shanks. Operators can choose between a single and dual dispensing option.


Sestra Systems

This smart dispensing solution connects the company’s draft systems to a sophisticated cloud-based platform,providing operators with data and control from anywhere. This mobile bar includes refrigerated lines suitable for pouring cold brew coffee, cocktails and beer. The ambient lines are suitable for pouring wine. Operators can choose from among three finishes.