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Stone hearth units can be showpieces for pizza places, among other operations. But their price tag and the importance to their operations mean restaurants should invest in their upkeep.

When it comes to caring for convection ovens, there are not many tasks required. Service life depends on usage, but these units last 6 to 10 years on average.

Alto Shaam Global Recipe Library ChefLincAlto-Shaam

Updates to ChefLinc 2.0, the cloud-based remote oven management system, include the addition of the Alto-Shaam Global Library, which gives operators access to explore a global recipe library for culinary inspiration and guidance. New reports on the dashboard offer greater insights into how the ovens are operated and maintained, such as data on missed cleans. ChefLinc works across more than 30 Alto-Shaam oven models.

Prior to purchasing a convection oven, first evaluate the menu. This is because there are different types of convection ovens suitable for specific applications, and some have more options than others. The main consideration when specifying a convection oven is determining the appropriate size necessary for the type and amounts of food the unit will produce.

Toasters come in two main varieties: pop-up and conveyor, with higher-volume operations using the latter.

Convection ovens quickly and evenly cook food using a fan to circulate dry heat at high velocities.