Serving Equipment

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Today’s meal delivery carts, which are commonly used for hospital room service programs, are more complicated and advanced than traditional tray carts used in the past. This is because there have been advanced technologies, including carts with refrigeration and heating components inside. 

There can be many purchasing considerations when it comes to serving line equipment, depending on the application and design. Operators need to consider the aesthetics of the front of house as well as the back-of-house support to accommodate the menu.

Operators should weigh a variety of considerations when purchasing a meal delivery cart.

Foodservice operators typically use serving equipment in cafeteria-style, self-serve applications or in front-of-house made-to-order applications in schools, casinos, military operations and corporate feeding, along with restaurants and hospitals.

Food delivery carts help keep food fresh and at food-safe temperatures during transport. Foodservice operators can choose between different size carts and configurations with different capacities.

Serving lines should not require extensive cleaning if maintained properly during daily operation. Cleaning the hot or cold wells after each use will keep them running effectively. Quarterly or semiannual planned maintenance provides an opportunity to make sure that the equipment is running at peak efficiency.