Tabletop and Smallwares

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Tabletop and Smallwares Guides

Anne Ladd, director of tabletop and merchandising at TriMark SS Kemp, Cleveland shares her expertise.

Braising pans, also called tilting skillets, are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the cook line and, as such, are very utilitarian. Although commonly lumped into the steamer category, these units do not cook with steam. 

Braising pans are simple to clean and maintain and provide a typical service life of at least 10 years.

While operators may have a good sense of glassware styles their businesses need, they should weigh several other factors when specifying these items.

Braising pans come in various types and sizes, so knowing as many details on use ahead of time plays a key role in specifying the correct unit.

Glassware can help tailor a tabletop presentation to be a unique, personal experience for customers. Unlike dinnerware, where food takes precedence, in this category, it’s as much about the glass as it is about the beverage it holds.