Browse the latest products and equipment in commercial foodservice ventilation.


Exhaust Hood


This Type 1 exhaust hood is suitable for use in smaller kitchen spaces with potentially lower ceilings and limited room for a wall canopy hood per the maker. It features a standard bottom hood width to allow use of end skirts, and its tapered sides with a cutaway front provide greater space between appliances for cooking flexibility.

Ventilation Controls


The maker’s line of ventilation controls come with a variety of optional features, including a high-temperature alarm and a wash interface. If a fire occurs, the control panel is capable of forcing the exhaust to maximum speed and shutting down supply air and lights regardless of current fan speeds via integration with a fire system.

Grease Extractor


The Accurex Grease-X-Tractor filter is UL 1046 listed with zero flame penetration, NSF certified, and complies with NFPA 211 standards in fire hazard reduction, helping prevent grease buildup and lowering fire risk within the hood and duct system.

PureAir Package for Air Curtains

Berner International

The PureAir Package is an air purification system for air curtains that complements the environment’s indoor air quality and disinfection efforts. The PureAir Package includes the NPBI module, a washable 1-inch-thick aluminum mesh MERV-8 particulate filter and a 10-speed 1/2hp electronically commutated motor. When the door is open, the air curtain doubles as an air purifier.

Halton SafeGuard

Halton Company

Halton SafeGuard solutions combine industry-leading technology that puts critical information in the operator’s hands while automatically responding to sensor input. This first of its kind system comes standard with: Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation, a full suite of Halton Indoor Environmental Quality sensors and FireWatch, 2-stage notification that senses when conditions are favorable for a fire at the appliance and the hood. Halton SafeGuard System, always on duty, providing peace of mind for your food service operation.

SimpleSpec Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Unified Brands

Part of the maker’s Avtec line, SimpleSpec is a budget-driven line of commercial kitchen ventilation hoods suitable for a variety of applications. Available styles include box, conveyor, pizza, fryer, dishwasher, display and charbroiler.

AeroTherm Air Purifier


Whether you’re welcoming customers to dine in with you again, reuniting your team in the office, or providing a safe environment where your staff and customers can breathe easy as air quality has never been more important. With this in mind, Welbilt, Inc. partnered with Trotec to create AeroTherm™, an effective portable solution for the air purification of virus-carrying aerosol particles and bacteria from indoor spaces. With HEPA 14 filtration, thermal decontamination, and a 7-speed fan, it captures 99.995% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and aerosol particles from medium to large-sized rooms — simply plug in, switch on, and rest assured that you’re providing cleaner, safer air for your customers.

Ventech Condensation Hoods


The Ventech line of condensation hoods works with select Combitherm combi ovens made by Alto-Shaam. Ventech PLUS features a HEPA filter along with condensation technology to capture and filter smoke-related vapor, grease and steam generated in the cooking process. These hoods can be factory or field installed.

Air Purifiers

Spartan Air, JMC Food Equipment

The model SAPWM-UV-700 uses 6 stage filter protection to purify the air in a room that measures up to 700 square feet. Users can choose to mount this unit on the wall or operate it in a freestanding manner. The 25-pound unit measures 16 inches wide by 24¾ inches high and 7½ inches deep.

Grease Lock Disposable Filter Pads

Restaurant Technologies

Grease Lock disposable grease filter pads simplify hood maintenance and help increase fire safety in commercial kitchens. The pads, which replace traditional baffles, capture up to 98 percent of airborne kitchen grease before it enters an exhaust system. Grease Lock products are available in standard industry sizes.

Grease Trapper ESP


This pollution control unit removes grease, smoke and odors from the exhaust airstream from commercial kitchens. This equipment comes as a single factory-assembled unit, consisting of an impingement pre-filter, an ionizer-collector cell, a mist eliminator, an odor control section, an outlet transition and an exhaust fan, all mounted on a 6-inch structural steel support base.

Fire Ready Hood System


The Fire Ready Hood system’s enhancements provide an integrated fire protection system in a smaller footprint that can replace the need for a commercial Type 1 wall canopy hood, according to the maker. Loose accessories are plug and play, and no welded grease duct is necessary. An electronic fire detection system installs easily and has an electronic remote pull.



The Bluezone line includes products that can purify air in restaurants and in refrigerators. These products utilize ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation technology to purify air instead of capturing and concentrating airborne contaminants in a particle filter or activated carbon.

Fire Ready Hood System

Accurex LLC

Fire Ready Hood system protects residential ranges in not-for-profit commercial spaces. Enhancements provide an integrated fire protection system in a small footprint that can replace the need for a commercial Type 1 wall canopy hood. An ECM exhaust fan motor allows adjustable fan speed for odor and sound control.