Ovens cover a broad range of equipment pieces and include combi, deck, cook and hold, microwave and convection.


The average lifespan of a combi oven is 10 to 15 years, depending on kitchen conditions and use.

These units are multifaceted but also an investment; operators using a combi oven solely as an oven or a steamer should purchase a traditional convection oven or steamer as these units are not as pricey and require less maintenance than a combi oven.

Combi Ovens are multipurpose cooking tools with numerous functions, such as smoking, roasting, frying, steaming and baking.

Especially when visible to the front of house, rapid-cook ovens should remain clean with a spotless exterior.

Rapid-cook ovens have been in use for more than two decades and represent a popular choice among operators looking to cook complicated menu items quickly as well as for reheating a variety of items in limited footprints.

For operators looking for speed and versatility, rapid-cook ovens not only save space but they also are convenient, affordable and easy to use.


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