Prep Equipment

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Pizza Prep Tables

Continental Refrigerator

Standard features for this line of pizza prep tables include a reversing condenser fan, refrigerated section with a half door above the condensing unit, a low-profile angled rail, an off-cycle defrost timer, a slide-out condensing unit and door-to-drawer combinations.

Commercial Beverage Blender


VitaMix has updated The Quiet One, the manufacturer’s commercial beverage blender. The unit’s Twist Lock sound enclosure and larger centering pad allow for easier cleaning and enhanced speed of service. Other features include 3-peak output hp motor, 6 program buttons, 34 settings, 93 variable speeds and auto shutoff.


Hobart Corp.

Hobart has developed two new slicers: Centerline by Hobart Edge10 (10-inch knife) and Edge14 (14-inch knife). The two slicers add to the company’s offering of Edge slicers with 12- and 13-inch knives. Both units feature a chrome-plated carbon steel knife. A top-mounted ceramic stone sharpener allows the operator to hone in 15 seconds for a consistently sharp knife edge.


Sammic Corp

The new standard in food preparation is here! Using an entire #10 can in the sturdy 4-quart bowl your prep time will be cut in half! Variable speed with built in programs provide flexibility and power which is unrivaled.


The B-Series line of slicers includes four manual gravity-feed slicers and one automatic model. The slicers come with 9-, 10-, 12- and 14-inch knives for the manual units and a 12-inch knife for the automatic unit. Each knife is made of chrome-plated carbon steel, and each unit features an anodized aluminum finish. Operators can submerge the slicers’ removable carriages in water to further simplify cleaning.

3D Food Printer


Operators use this 3D food printer via its 3½-inch color display. Other features include auto calibration and a stainless-steel carriage. Operators can use their own food or food from the manufacturer.

Immersion Circulators


This line of immersion circulators includes a digital display that shows temperature readings with 0.1-degree F accuracy with a maximum temperature of up to 203 degrees F. An audible timer indicates when the unit is up to temperature as well as when the cooking cycle is complete. Digital controls allow up to five cook settings at a time and can be preprogrammed for repeatable results.

Automated Sealing Machine

GP Pro

The GP PRO Automated Sealing Machine offers secure beverage sealing that is both spill resistant and tamper evident. This cup-sealing machine applies a secure, heat-activated plastic-film seal that fits most sizes with a brim, paper or plastic, in less than two seconds without staff touching the lid.

Large-Capacity Blender


The Vitamix XL is a large-capacity commercial countertop machine that allows operators to blend up to 24 8-ounce servings at one time. It is suitable for use in making large quantities of smoothies, soups, sauces, batters, dessert fillings, etc. The XL features a 4.2 peak-output horsepower motor and a 1.5-gallon container with a low-profile, removable plug lid. Other features include variable speed control and pulse.

Peel-a-Ton Automatic Peeler


This unit can peel more than 20 different fruits and vegetables, including those without a perfect shape. Operators can use this item to zest fruits, too. The main unit is dishwasher safe and can peel up to 700 apples per hour, per the manufacturer.