Sanitation and Safety

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Ideally, operators should have a handwashing sink in every workstation. A general guideline is to have one hand sink within 20 feet of each work area, although requirements are subject to local codes. 

Undercounter warewashers can last between 5 and 10 years with proper maintenance.

Handwashing sinks help staff comply with HACCP guidelines in foodservice kitchens and help prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses. Sinks designated for food preparation should not be used for handwashing or warewashing. 

Specific warewasher types are designated for different types of foodservice operations and volumes.

Every kitchen has one, at least, and every kitchen needs to maintain them. Here are a few tips for keeping a ventilation system in good working order.

Warewashers can clean a variety of items. But some units may be better than others when it comes to cleaning certain items, like plastic trays and beer mugs.