Sanitation and Safety

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Large operations with big bills for garbage hauling may turn to pulpers to cut costs. These units can turn a garbage bag full of table scraps and disposables into a slurry with a fraction of the volume. Here are tips to keep this equipment running well.

Three basic techniques can help achieve air purification: containing contaminants, inserting products in the air to clean it, and killing impurities.

All air cleaners require periodic cleaning and filter replacement to function properly. Follow manufacturers’ recommendations on maintenance and replacement.

Restaurant operators have a number of available options to make indoor dining safer for customers and employees.

When seeking air purification technology, foodservice operators can choose from several options.

Ideally, operators should have a handwashing sink in every workstation. A general guideline is to have one hand sink within 20 feet of each work area, although requirements are subject to local codes.