Refrigeration, Storage & Handling

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While undercounter refrigerators, or lowboys, are typically used in a kitchen’s prep area, the underbar type is most often used in the front-of-house bar area. Undercounter models have greater depths for accommodating full-size sheet pans, while underbar coolers are designed for bottled beverages.

Maintaining blast chillers is important from a safety standpoint since temperature consistency is key for HACCP reporting. Operators can take specific steps to prolong the service life of these units and keep systems in safe operating condition.

Vollrath Heated display case right 1 HDRVollrath

This merchandiser is designed to provide illuminated display of food products at temperatures between 95 degrees F and 200 degrees F, keeping menu items at proper serving temperatures while displayed. Features include front and rear sliding, lockable doors, adjustable stainless-steel shelving and LED lighting.

Blast-chilling food reduces the temperature of cooked product quickly, but this process also helps maintain safe product temperatures throughout the preparation cycle. In addition, this quick-chilling method maintains product temperature, minimizes the potential of overcooking and extends product life.

Soft-serve ice cream machines are a staple of quick-service restaurants and the source of a favorite treat, especially during the summer months. Here are some tips to keep these units working properly.

While refrigeration equipment is designed to keep menu items at food-safe temperatures, blast chillers quickly draw down the temperature of menu items to food-safe temperatures.