Refrigeration, Storage & Handling

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Fortunately, pickup locker cleaning and maintenance is pretty simple and straightforward.

Choosing the appropriate storage can play a role in improving staff productivity by making it easier for them to find what they need to execute the tasks at hand.

Pickup lockers offer numerous benefits, including making more effective use of labor, improving the management of third-party delivery orders and drivers, and more efficient customer service. Most notably, pickup lockers can make interactions with customers and kitchen crew as seamless as possible.

Keeping warmers/merchandisers clean and properly maintained will enhance customer appeal as well as the appearance of food displays.

Pickup lockers can become an efficient and convenient solution for handling the increasing challenge of restaurant pickup and delivery orders.

When purchasing a warmer/merchandiser, its utilization will determine the type the operation requires. While self-serve units provide access to customers during slower periods of the day, products must be replenished regularly for a full appearance. Also, packaging plays a part in whether the food looks appealing in these units.