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Facility Design Project of the Month

  • Expanding Services at Farmington Country Club

    Written by Donna Boss
    A renowned family-oriented private club in Charlottesville, Va., Farmington Country Club resides nearly 4 miles from the University of Virginia and has 2,500 members, 450 staff members and $21 million in operating revenue.
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  • Designed for Comfort yet Elegance

    Written by Donna Boss
    Michael Buckley, president and chef-owner of Michael Timothy’s Dining Group, opened his first restaurant in downtown Nashua, N.H., in 1995. Now, more than 27 years later, he owns and operates multiple concepts and seven total locations. The latest is the third location of Surf Seafood, this one in Woburn, Mass.
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On-Site Projects

  • Fitting a Food Hall into a Historic Renovation

    Written by Amelia Levin
    Designers faced challenges ranging from working with an older building to designing stations with flexibility in mind to accommodate unknown operators.
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  • Duke Refreshes Its Market-Concept Dining Operation

    Written by Donna Boss
    Flexibility to change and improve with the times became one of the primary goals of Duke University’s market street food concept in the Richard H. Brodhead Center for Campus Life when it opened in August 2016. Six years later, a refresh of 4 of the Brodhead Center’s 14 restaurant concepts and a replacement of a chain restaurant stay true to the original project team’s vision.
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Chain Profile

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