Refrigeration takes many forms in foodservice operations including walk-ins, reach-ins, and display cases.


Cleaning and maintenance needs for reach-in refrigerators may be overlooked since these units don’t require much interaction other than opening and closing doors.

Reach-in refrigerators have become standard in the fast-casual and quick-service segments for grab-and-go items.

Reach-in refrigeration has become an integral component in commercial kitchens as these units provide accessibility for perishable items in the front and back of house.

Fortunately, reach-in interiors require minimal maintenance, with just periodic wiping down with warm soapy water representing the most frequent task.

Undercounter refrigeration units provide additional cold storage solutions for the front of house or as part of a kitchen’s prep station. Especially for operations with smaller footprints or those needing to save space, this equipment is extremely versatile.

Reach-in refrigerators maintain an interior temperature of 40 degrees F or less for space-saving cold holding.


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