Refrigeration takes many forms in foodservice operations including walk-ins, reach-ins, and display cases.


Undercounter refrigerators, also called lowboys, are typically used in a kitchen’s prep area and hold food at temperatures less than 45 degrees F. 

Undercounter refrigeration units are designated as additional cold storage solutions for the front of house or as part of a kitchen’s prep station. Especially for operations with smaller footprints or those needing to save space, this equipment is extremely versatile.

Undercounter refrigeration’s average service life is between 10 and 15 years with proper care and maintenance.

Proper placement, sizing and utilization of space are hallmarks of an efficient walk-in.

Compared with other equipment, reach-ins are relatively simple to clean and maintain. For cleaning, use soap and water when wiping down the interior and exterior of the refrigeration unit as necessary.

For operators seeking a solution for displaying perishable grab-and-go items, back-of-house cold storage or cook-chill programs, reach-ins often provide a solid option. This equipment can store a variety of items, from beverages to sandwiches, salads to desserts. For front-of-house use, reach-ins should contain complementary items to best encourage impulse sales.

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