Commercial ranges typically involve a range top and base, but sizes, features and configurations vary widely.


Induction cooktops are a good solution for operations that need an easy, mobile cooking surface. Though their operation is straightforward, kitchen staffers need to follow some guidelines to keep them operating properly.

The range top can be used for cooking, stir-frying, grilling, sauteing, searing, boiling and broiling. Oven bases can bake, roast, warm and broil, while cabinet bases can be used for additional storage. Ranges can also include refrigerated or freezer drawers for storing cold items prior to cooking. 

Assess the menu, anticipated production needs and volume when purchasing a range.

From food preparation to cooking, most ranges operate the entire day as the application for this equipment spans multiple dayparts.

Ranges are multipurpose pieces of cooking equipment that serve as a staple in most foodservice operations. A range top often is the most used piece of equipment in a kitchen cook line.

When choosing a range type, consider how the unit will be utilized and size the range to the anticipated production need and volume.


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