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Order Pickup Station

New Age Industrial Corp

This order pickup station features adjustable shelving to suit different sizes of containers. Operators can choose between mobile and stationary units with two different shelf sizes.

Blast Chiller and Shock Freezer


The Preprite blast chiller/shock freezer measures 25.25 inches wide by 27.25 inches deep by 33.5 inches in height outside and 21.25 inches wide by 14.63 inches deep by 13.13 inches in height inside. Available cycles include soft chill, hard chill, shock freeze, evaporator defrost and ozone sanitation. The unit uses R290 refrigerant. Other features include a fully programmable controller, a 2.4-inch OLED display, a stainless-steel rack system for pans or shelves, 4-inch shelves and magnetic gaskets.

Countertop Induction Ranges


This line of medium-power countertop induction ranges features an expanded magnetic field that emulates gas to allow uninterrupted heat while lifting or tilting a pan to saute or flip, per the maker. These ranges can work with various forms of induction cookware. The temperature control probe provides additional accuracy by heating food to the desired temperature and adjusts the power output to maintain the selected temperature.

Staging Shelving

Eagle Group

This line of staging shelving includes both stationary and mobile units. This modular shelving system adjusts in 1-inch increments. Units includes five wire shelves, five clear shelf inlays and mobile order signage. Operators can choose between chrome and black epoxy finish.

Hot and Cold Food Lockers

RPI Industries

The ONDO-matic line of food lockers can switch between hot, cold and ambient temperatures at the click of a button. The units are suitable for use in grocery stores and restaurants. Customized designs are available, and the units have the option of integrating with the operator’s POS system.

Wet Mopping Solution

CFS Brands

The Sparta wet mop line features 96 different cut- and looped-end mop heads made from a variety of materials that are suitable and color-coded for various floor types and cleaning tasks. The mops pair with the maker’s line of universal handles, safety signage and commercial mop buckets to create a complete wet mopping solution.

Refrigerated Trailers

Polar King Mobile 

Polar King Mobile offers three compact all-electric refrigerated trailers that provide a temperature range of 0 degrees F to 50 degrees F that run only 110 volts and 15 amps.

Countertop Batch Freezer

Carpigiani North America

The LB200 IC countertop batch freezer features a one-piece beater. The full-size unit can freeze 2.8 quarts to 5.3 quarts of liquid mix and can produce up to 14 gallons of ice cream per hour, according to the maker. An adjustable electronic consistency control aids with product uniformity with varying batch loads.

Automated Beverage Sealer


GP PRO has added a self-service attachment for its automated sealing machine, which is a touchless beverage lidding solution that provides a tamper-evident, spill-resistant sealed film on to-go cups. This product can help improve hygiene, reduce accidental spills and eliminate the need for plastic snap-on lids. The automated sealing machine was introduced as a backroom product. The self-service attachment makes this a front-of-the-house solution.

Pizza Prep Tables

Continental Refrigerator

Standard features for this line of pizza prep tables include a reversing condenser fan, refrigerated section with a half door above the condensing unit, a low-profile angled rail, an off-cycle defrost timer, a slide-out condensing unit and door-to-drawer combinations.