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Corner Floor Mop Sink

Advance Tabco

The 9-OP-436FM Flush Floor Mop Sink is a large-capacity sink that provides enough accessible space for rinsing and cleaning mops and filling buckets. Flush floor mop sinks have removable stainless-steel subway grating that allows mop buckets to roll into the sink at floor level, making an easier floor transition. The sink bowl is 22 inches by 36 inches by 10 inches. The side and rear splashes are 16½ inches tall and keep the area protected from water damage.

Marra Forni

The MS Series of gas-fired ovens can operate on either natural gas or propane and feature a single dual-stage forced-air power burner averaging 84,000 Btus to operate. Digital touch-screen controls make the unit easier to operate. The unit features a static refractory brick cooking deck. The unit can cook up to seven 16-inch pizzas at once.



Ultra D-Grease Supreme is a highly concentrated alkaline degreaser for use in commercial kitchens. The cleaner’s blend of surfactants helps provide quick soil penetration, per the maker, helping it remove grease, oil, and carbon buildup from stovetops, ovens, flat grills, deep
fryers, hoods, vents and floors.

Undercounter Dishwasher


The LXnR Advansys is a two-level undercounter dishwasher capable of cleaning up to 48 racks per hour, per the maker. The unit also features NSF-rated pot and pan cycles. Operators can remove the second-level rack to load larger items, such as a full-size sheet pan, into the 17-inch opening. When in place, the upper rack is suitable for plates, smallwares and utensils.

Bag Opener


The Viper Safety bag opener helps reduce cross-contamination when opening bags or packages of food, and to protect the user against laceration injuries, per the maker. The unit is NSF certified and FDA compliant, per the maker. It features a stainless-steel blade that resists corrosion and breakage. Operators can choose from a variety of colors.

Slide-In Merchandiser

Federal Industries 

The Vision Series Slide-In adjustable merchandisers integrate into counters from 32 inches to 38 inches high. The series includes refrigerated, heated and non-refrigerated options. The merchandisers are suitable for use in K-12 cafeterias, college campuses and more.

Refrigeration Monitoring System


The SmartRite monitoring system is designed specifically for walk-ins. It offers 24/7 real-time temperature monitoring. It instantly notifies users if any deviation from the desired temperature or humidity range occurs or if the walk-in door is left open. Other features include controls for lights, motion detectors, a panic button, door/viewport heat and an evaporator fan
cut-off switch.

Heated Food Display

Federal Industries

Federal Industries’ Heated Italian Glass Series provides climate-controlled food displays for a variety of foodservice applications. The displays come in three different widths (36 inches, 48 inches or 60 inches) and two heights (44 inches and 52 inches for floor models, or 26 inches and 34 inches for drop-in counter styles). Features include convection heating, temperature controls and tilt-out front glass.


The iCareSystem AutoDose cleaning system helps automate cleaning of the maker’s line of combi ovens. The product uses automated dosing technology for precise cleaning agent dispensation, enhancing maintenance consistency, and reducing labor needs for routine maintenance, per the maker. Cleaning can run manually or according to a predetermined schedule.

Sveba Dahlen

The Sveba Dahlen electric pizza oven cooks pies at up to 932 degrees F. Operators can also use the deck oven to bake other products such as lavash bread, flatbread and pita. The unit’s highly insulated cavity and well-constructed door helps create more temperate cooking environments, per the maker.