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Sterling Manufacturing

The QCG Series boilerless electric convection steamer exceeds ENERGY STAR performance levels, per the maker. This two-compartment electric convection steamer features all stainless-steel construction and fully independent cooking compartments, steam generators, valves and electrical controls. The QCG system includes two thick-wall stainless-steel quick change steam generators. The steamer is available in 6- and 10-pan capacities.

Pickup Pod


The MPP-8I Pickup Pod is a self-service, touchless product that helps automate customer and delivery pickups. Customers and delivery people access their reserved cubbies by scanning the QR code or using the embedded link sent via text messaging. Features include ambient, individually insulated cubbies; LED lighting in the cubbies that measure 13.7 inches wide by 14.5 inches deep by 15 inches tall; and antimicrobial coatings. The unit works with Wi-Fi and plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet.

Electric Countertop Conveyor Toaster


The Spectrum line of conveyor toasters can toast breads, bagels, small pizzas and similar dough-based products. It features an easy-load rack, a front return chute and an optional rear product return. Other features include a stainless-steel, cool-to-the-touch exterior and a variable conveyor-speed dial control for optimal doneness.



The A6 Dish Machine offers dual-mode sanitizing and a 45-second wash cycle, cleaning and sanitizing up to 72 racks per hour, per the manufacturer. The unit is available in 208- or 204-volt and single- or three-phase power options. It features a three-door design, making the unit suitable for corner positioning.


Villeroy & Boch

The Perlemor collection of tableware includes handcrafted-style plates, bowls and dishes suitable for casual-dining operations. The line features a special effect glaze with a soft mother-of-pearl shimmer to create individual color gradients that make each piece of tableware a one-off, per the maker.

Beer Box

Advance Tabco

This beer box measures 45¾ inches by 20¾ inches by 18 inches. A perforated removable false bottom allows melted ice to drain. Other features include a 7-inch backsplash, stainless-steel legs with adjustable stainless-steel bullet feet and an optional stainless-steel locking cover. A 60-inch-wide unit is also available.


T&S Brass and Bronze Works

The LakeCrest line of aesthetic faucets features five refined designs, including single-lever faucets, a concealed widespread faucet design, a metering faucet and a semi-pro kitchen faucet.

Exhaust Hood


This Type 1 exhaust hood is suitable for use in smaller kitchen spaces with potentially lower ceilings and limited room for a wall canopy hood per the maker. It features a standard bottom hood width to allow use of end skirts, and its tapered sides with a cutaway front provide greater space between appliances for cooking flexibility.

Draft Beer Systems


Perlick now pairs its beer systems with Draught Guard beer-line cleaning technology. Draught Guard’s technology works from keg to tap via an electronic, nonchemical, low-frequency signal that both removes and prevents the formation of biofilm within the lines, per the maker. Each Draught Guard unit can treat up to 12 lines within one beer system.

Small Basket Fryer

Gold Medal

This 19-pound countertop fryer comes with 2 removable baskets that can hold up to 2 pounds of food. The unit features digital temperature control and independent timers for each basket. The small-footprint unit is suitable for small operations.