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Immersion Circulators


This line of immersion circulators includes a digital display that shows temperature readings with 0.1-degree F accuracy with a maximum temperature of up to 203 degrees F. An audible timer indicates when the unit is up to temperature as well as when the cooking cycle is complete. Digital controls allow up to five cook settings at a time and can be preprogrammed for repeatable results.

Synthetic Vinyl Gloves


VyBlend Synthetic Vinyl Gloves are made from a blend of advanced synthetic elastomer and PVC. Each powder-free glove is ambidextrous with a beaded cuff, smooth external finish and polyurethane coating in the interior surface. Suitable for foodservice and other applications.

Large-Capacity Blender


The Vitamix XL is a large-capacity commercial countertop machine that allows operators to blend up to 24 8-ounce servings at one time. It is suitable for use in making large quantities of smoothies, soups, sauces, batters, dessert fillings, etc. The XL features a 4.2 peak-output horsepower motor and a 1.5-gallon container with a low-profile, removable plug lid. Other features include variable speed control and pulse.

Vacuum Packaging Machines

Globe Food Equipment Company

This line of vacuum packaging machines includes three models offering 10-inch or 16-inch removable seal bars and 6 m3/hr or 20 m3/hr moisture-resistant pumps. All models feature stainless-steel construction, domed lids and curved inner tanks to make cleaning easier.


Villeroy & Boch

La Boule is a line of tableware that includes two premium porcelain bowls, two deep and two flat plates, and a serving plate that fit together to create a spherical shape. Available in matte black, shiny white, contrasting black and white, and La Boule Pure Beige.

New Beverage Dispensing Towers


Glastender added two new beverage dispensing towers to its product lineup. Bridge towers are available for air-cooled, direct draw applications in 14, 16 and 18 faucet sizes, and for remote glycol-chilled applications in 14, 16, 18, 20, 24 and 30 faucet sizes. For applications requiring access from both the front and back, the Double-Sided towers are available in 16, 20, 24, 32, 36 and 40 faucet sizes for glycol-chilled remote beverage systems.

Hot Beverage Lid Dispensers

San Jamar, a CFS Brands Company

EZ-Fit Hot Lid Dispensers offer one-at-a-time dispensing to safeguard lids from contamination and reduce unnecessary waste for quick-service restaurants, convenience stores and cafeterias. The in-counter installation can help make beverage stations appear tidier. EZ-Fit features four interchangeable rubber gaskets that fit a variety of lid shapes and sizes.

Direct Plumb Oven System

Frontline International

The Direct Plumb Oven System connects directly to ovens and rotisseries. Its hose attachment plugs into the cooking units to suction out fats and grease from the equipment’s drip pan into the containment caddy. Users then wheel the sealed caddy to their used oil containment tanks and pump the collected grease into the tanks using the same hose attachment.

Countertop Impingement Oven

Lincoln, a Welbilt company 

The Lincoln Dual Voltage Digital CounterTop Impingement oven will automatically convert the voltage to a kitchen’s needs, per the maker. The unit uses hot air under pressure to surround food with small jets of hot air to quickly cook, bake and crisp menu items. The unit uses a continuous cook platform to move menu items through the oven one after another at a constant speed.

Brewed Coffee and Espresso Maker

Franke Coffee Systems America

The A1000 FLEX is part of Franke Coffee Systems America’s line of Super Automatic Equipment. The unit makes traditionally brewed coffee and espresso beverages, hot or iced, in one machine. Features include a cold-water bypass for iced beverages and a brew unit specifically designed for coffee and espresso. The unit also features an automated clean-in-place system as well as milk foaming capabilities.