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Misconceptions About Mixers Can Impact Cost, Performance

Whether a kitchen needs a mixer for continuous use or the occasional batch, it’s important to have the right equipment for the job. A mixer that’s too large or too small can increase costs and affect performance. Understanding common misconceptions about mixers is key to making the best selection.

Hobart Offers Cost-Effective Mixing Solution

Not all mixing needs are the same. For some kitchens, making the investment in a maximum heavy-duty mixer not only isn’t feasible in terms of cost — but it also isn’t necessary. In many cases, the kitchen may not have heavy mixing jobs or need to mix continuously throughout the day.

Working Smarter in a Smaller Footprint

With 24 kitchens serving 15,000 students, Texas’ San Angelo Independent School District requires reliable equipment that can handle producing 7,000 breakfasts and 6,000 lunches every day.