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In addition to medical care, food and nutrition are a key part of general well-being and have a big impact on the overall healthcare experience. In fact, 42% of long-term care/senior-living residents say they considered food options early in the selection process. Learn how Structural Concepts supports the mission of health and wellness for healthcare foodservice operators.

Almost a fifth of foodservice businesses are losing around $400 a week due to food waste, totaling over $20,800 annually per restaurant. Twenty percent of U.S restaurant owners believe not enough is being done to reduce industry food waste, Alto-Shaam research reveals.

When a repair is needed, having the right replacement part is critical. Parts Town’s new PartPredictor tool helps lessen downtime by helping technicians find the right OEM part. This powerful digital tool is fast, easy to use, and its recommendations are backed by millions of actual service calls.

A Q&A with Jody Osgood, Regional Sales Manager, Weber Knapp Co.

Thermo-Kool’s new 3-D Configurator makes designing a cooler or freezer easy and accurate. Customize the size and shape you want; then add a variety of options. See your finished design instantly, and download it in the format you need. It’s a one-of-a-kind tool — there’s nothing else like it!

When considering a walk-in cooler or freezer for your business, it's crucial to address several essential questions to ensure you make an informed decision that meets your needs. This article gathered three of the most frequently asked questions to provide insight and clarity.

A Q&A with Jeff Erber, Western Regional Sales Manager, New Age Industrial

They’re commonly used by operators in just about every foodservice industry segment, but prep tables can sometimes be challenging to operators. Their many pain points often include uneven pan and food temperatures, frozen or unnecessary food waste, ice buildup, and water requiring costly labor to clean up every day. Enter Traulsen’s perfect solution.

In the dynamic landscape of small businesses, efficiency and effectiveness are paramount for success. Fortunately, innovative solutions like AutoFry and MultiChef offer a game-changing approach, revolutionizing the way small businesses operate.

A slice of pizza and a beverage — that’s a classic combination that shows no sign of decreasing in popularity.

Discover the key to maintaining a spotless commercial kitchen with our essential guide to cleaning commercial fryers.  From daily upkeep routines to the nitty-gritty of monthly deep cleanings, Smart Care shares how to prolong your fryer's life while guaranteeing top-notch food quality.

A slice of pizza and a beverage — that’s a classic combination that shows no sign of decreasing in popularity.

Micro Matic’s Howard Green, Design Center Supervisor, and Trey Wiegand, Chief Sales Officer, detail how the company’s Design Center is helping to effectively meet the increasing demand for custom draft towers that provide multiple beverage offerings at the point of sale.

As both operational and perishable food costs continue to be critical to sellers of fresh food, Structural Concepts recently commissioned two independent studies to determine the total costs of ownership associated with its own and other heated and refrigerated food merchandisers. Click here to view the results.