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  • Moving Up to Polar King

    Nick Pearl is the owner and franchisee of three Salvatore’s Old-Fashioned Pizzeria restaurants in upstate New York, and his restaurants serve more than just pizza. “We are famous for pizza, wings, calamari, chicken Caesar salad – we deliver everything but babies,” he laughs.

  • Polar King Keeps Things Cool at Gnometown Brewing

    Proper temperature control is essential in the brewing process…and is especially critical for a business that’s based around brewing. The unique solution executed for Gnometown Brewing Company along with the dependable product and exceptional service are some of many reasons why owner James Khan will exclusively purchase coolers from Polar King

  • Custom Walk-In Refrigeration

    Polar King

    polar king custom refrigerationPolar King outdoor walk-in refrigeration is built with our patented seamless fiberglass construction and is available in both through-wall applications or freestanding. Our 100% seamless fiberglass design provides a continuous surface which keeps the insulated structure completely intact; free of moisture damage and bacteria formation. As each walk-in unit is built

  • Talking Refrigeration with a Pizza Expert

    You might call Dave Ritenour a pizza expert. As Director of Maintenance for Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne (Indiana), a 46-store Pizza Hut franchisee, he knows the ins and outs of the pizza business, especially when it comes to refrigeration.