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Rental Refrigeration Keeps Venue Cool and Fresh

Pallet Door Box 14Refrigerated walk-in rentals from Polar Leasing are available in a variety of sizes and are installed quickly.

Keeping Things Cool at a Hot Entertainment Venue

For exciting entertainment in Texas, the Circuit of the Americas in Del Valle is the place to go. It’s a year-round sporting and entertainment venue on a 1,500-acre property that specializes in auto events such as Formula 1, NASCAR, and MotoGP motorcycle racing. Music fans can enjoy big-name performers in concert at the largest outdoor amphitheater in the Austin area. The facility also offers karting, camping and biking year-round.

Keeping all those fans supplied with food and drink is a big job. Alex Charles, Purchasing Manager for Levy Restaurants at the Circuit of the Americas, explains that her department “oversees all the food, nonalcoholic beverages, liquor and wine. We also handle all the aspects of operations. We’ll sometimes physically build bars if it’s needed.”

There are 12 brick-and-mortar food and beverage facilities on-site, but as Charles notes, “the refrigerated storage that we have is very, very limited, especially with how much the facility changes and for all the different events.” To solve that problem, Circuit of the Americas is renting
10 refrigerated units from Polar Leasing, in 8’ x 10’ and 8’ x 20’ dimensions. “During events, the
units usually house the mixers, nonalcoholic beverages, wine and food, and are placed wherever we need them throughout the track.”

If there’s ever an issue with any of the units, Charles says she gets a quick response from Polar Leasing. “We’ve had wear and tear issues on some of the units, and the rep was amazing and on top of it. The service is phenomenal.”