Heated Display Merchandisers

Heated display merchandisers keep food accessible and hot prior to serving.


Vollrath Heated display case right 1 HDRVollrath

This merchandiser is designed to provide illuminated display of food products at temperatures between 95 degrees F and 200 degrees F, keeping menu items at proper serving temperatures while displayed. Features include front and rear sliding, lockable doors, adjustable stainless-steel shelving and LED lighting.


When specifying hot and cold display cases, the menu is the first consideration as the equipment will support its needs. This also will determine whether a full- or self-service unit is appropriate.

Refrigerated and hot display cases provide quick and easy access to food, which stimulates the impulse to buy.

For optimum food safety, regularly clean and sanitize temperature-controlled food holding equipment. Because these units are considered secondary to cooking equipment, they may not get the required weekly maintenance needed to be kept properly clean.

Prior to specifying temperature-controlled food holding equipment, assess the operation’s menu and type of service.

With temperature-controlled food holding, hot food can be safely held for long periods of time utilizing technology that helps retain food quality.


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