Heated Display Merchandisers

Heated display merchandisers keep food accessible and hot prior to serving.


For optimum food safety, regularly clean and sanitize temperature-controlled food holding equipment. Because these units are considered secondary to cooking equipment, they may not get the required weekly maintenance needed to be kept properly clean.

Prior to specifying temperature-controlled food holding equipment, assess the operation’s menu and type of service.

With temperature-controlled food holding, hot food can be safely held for long periods of time utilizing technology that helps retain food quality.

Keeping warmers/merchandisers clean and properly maintained will enhance customer appeal as well as the appearance of food displays.

When purchasing a warmer/merchandiser, its utilization will determine the type the operation requires. While self-serve units provide access to customers during slower periods of the day, products must be replenished regularly for a full appearance. Also, packaging plays a part in whether the food looks appealing in these units.

Warmers/merchandisers are not only functional, but they also serve as a selling vehicle for a variety of food types. These units offer both self- and full-service capabilities and are often used in the front of house to display either plated or packaged food.

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