Refrigeration, Storage & Handling

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Purchasing Considerations for Custom Fabrication

Anything from a simple 24-inch wall shelf to a 25-foot chef counter that contains several components, such as hot food tables, sinks, steam tables, dish tables, refrigerators and utility storage, can be custom fabricated.

Budget, function/design, available space and specification of an exclusive item dictate the need for custom fabrication. Existing kitchens with space issues may require custom fabrication. Also, operators with open kitchens may prefer the look of custom pieces, which offer mitered corners and more aesthetically pleasing designs than standard equipment.

Designs should be both intuitive and enabling. Because it is very pricey to change the design of a custom fabricated piece after it is completed, the time spent developing specifications up front is important.

Many installations need to deviate from the standard items due to building conditions, operational concerns, local health codes or other factors.