Deciding between a spiral or a planetary mixer is dependent on the menu, volume and application.


Countertop mixer design hasn’t changed much over the years. The function of this equipment and how it’s used centers on the accessories or attachments that perform the mixing. Countertop mixers come standard with basic parts, but each model is different, so operators need to verify what’s included by the manufacturer.

Often used in restaurants, bakeries, pizzerias and other commercial foodservice operations, countertop mixers prepare dressings, sauces, batter, dough and other items from scratch.

Dough mixer design has changed in the last decade – here's how to keep them in good working order.

Like with all equipment, operators will first need to consider the application before choosing the type of mixer best suited for the task. While spiral mixers are designed for dough only, planetary types offer other attachments that make them more versatile.

Dough mixers include the spiral type, which is suitable for working with dough, and planetary mixers, which have attachments that make them more versatile for creating dough, batter, cupcakes, frosting, whipped cream and other items.


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