Countertop griddles are versatile workhorses in foodservice operations. Check out the latest products below.


XLR8™ Upper Heated Platen


Put the pedal to the metal and supercharge your kitchen with the speed, performance and accuracy of XLR8™ Upper Heated Platen. Brought to you by AccuTemp, the XLR8™ is powered by proprietary AccuHeat technology. It fits any AccuSteam™ griddle with a 24-inch depth cooking surface to decrease cooking time for faster ticket times and no slowdowns during peak periods. What’s more, the XLR8™ will ensure your kitchen can keep up even during the busiest dayparts with even temperatures and near instant recovery. With maximum zone coverage – platen covers 11 ¾ inches wide x 23 ¾ inches – it outperforms all the competition with faster cook times, more consistent product quality and unparalleled durability.

Suntec Snack System

Hatco Corp.

The Hatco/Suntec Snack System comes with single or dual electric bakers and replaceable plates that operators can switch for breakfast items, lunch foods and snacks. Adjustable time/temperature controls enable operators to cook continuously. Each cooking cycle features four programmable preset buttons.

GRD Steam Griddles

American Griddle

American Griddle’s patented Steam Shell technology brings solutions to your kitchen never before possible. The Steam Shell Griddle offers perfect uniform temperatures across the entire cooking surface. Plus, with the Steam Shell lid, food is cooked from the top and bottom at the same time, retaining product moisture and reducing most cook times by up to 50%.

Krampouz Crepe Makers

Hatco Corp.

Krampouz Crepe Makers incorporate adjustable temperature controls for consistency with different batters. The heating elements, combined with a heavy-duty cast iron surface, provide even heat distribution over the griddle for faster cooking, per the maker. The unit provides adjustable temperature control of 120 degrees F to 570 degrees F. Single or double models are available.

The Ultimate Range

Southbend, A Middleby Brand

A highly respected and well-known heavy-duty range brand, Southbend is in use at some of the most recognized restaurants in the world. With Southbend, operators have the ability to customize their range with more than 1,200 configurations. The Ultimate Range is made in the USA with durable all stainless-steel construction, including the burner box, a feature exclusive to the Southbend. Available in five sizes, the Ultimate Range offers high Btus and a high efficiency snap action thermostat making it easy to use for specific volumes and cooking needs. The Electric Range is available in several configurations to accommodate any kitchen.

Egg Station Mini


The ventless Egg Station Mini uses a combination of heat from the grill surface and steam to cook eggs in a smaller footprint. The ESM-600 is available with a rack and cover kit for preparation of six 3-inch eggs,
a single 8-inch omelet or scrambles.

Ultra-Max Griddle

Star Manufacturing, A Middleby Brand

The Star Ultra-Max griddle line has an ultra-thick 1” polished steel griddle plate for optimal heat distribution, retention, and energy-efficient cooking consistency. Ultra-Max gas griddles have 30,000 BTU per (12” section), ideal for high-volume commercial applications. The wide operating temperature range (between 150°F - 550°F), and independent temp controls (every 12”) allow a variety of product to be precisely cooked at the same time. Made in the USA, Ultra-Max griddles are available in 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72” widths. Manual control valve or mechanical snap-action thermostat available on gas models.

Pro Series Griddle

Imperial Range

The Pro Series Griddle is made with high carbon AR50 (Abrasion Resistant) plates that can help with consistent heat transfer. Three embedded RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) temperature-sensing probes per burner are placed within .125-inches from the top of the griddle for more accurate sensing.

3 FT. HP Steam Griddle

American Griddle

The 3’ HP steam griddle by the American Griddle features patented Steam Shell technology that brings solutions to your kitchen never before possible. The 3’ HP steam griddle offers perfect uniform temperatures across the entire cooking surface. Using Steam Shell technology to circulate steam under the griddle plate means you never have to worry about extreme drops or spikes in surface temperature. No matter where food is placed on the griddle surface, adjacent areas maintain exact temperature. Finally, because steam transfers heat faster and more efficiently than any other heating source, a 3’ American Griddle can replace most 6’ models in the field.

Electric Sandwich Grills

Globe Food Equipment Co.

Electric sandwich grills are a mid-size combo unit with a cast-iron grooved top and smooth bottom plates. The grooved top provides grill marks for presentation, and the smooth bottom plate provides heat transfer, easy clean up and versatility for use as a griddle. Featuring stainless steel construction, the unit includes an adjustable-tension spring hinge and a 14½-inch-wide cooking surface.

XLR8™ Upper Heated Platen


With proprietary AccuHeat® technology, the XLR8™ has even temperatures and near instant recovery; cook your signature protein in half the time or better! Maximum zone coverage — platen covers 11 ¾” wide x 23 ¾” — allows for more consistent product quality and unparalleled durability. The XLR8™ can fit any AccuSteam griddle with 24” depth surface. It comes standard with 3 temperature presets, a built-in automatic timing feature, and a single-hand lift mechanism to ensure smooth operation and positive stops. With all stainless-steel construction, it is easy to install and utilizes non-proprietary Teflon sheets with magnetic holds.

Egg Station with Dual Zone


The Egg Station features a split cover with rear and front cooking areas that allow operations to cook small batches. The unit cooks eggs in 120 to 150 seconds with a combination of heat and steam. The compact stainless steel unit provides audio and visual signals for operation. The unit includes non-stick egg rings.

Model A-1F Broiler/Griddle Combo


Connerton’s Model A-1F broiler/griddle combination with the Over/Under Broiling System uses two sets of burners. Infrared and conduction heat is applied to both sides of the product simultaneously, allowing the food’s natural juices to be sealed in. Thus, every steak takes half the time since there is no need to turn the product.

Capital investment is reduced because a Connerton will maximize floor and hood space with more cooking surface and output in half the space. A Connerton can be used for every meal in any operation. Even more important, guests will experience shorter wait times for a better tasting meal.

Gas Countertop Griddles

Globe Food Equipment Co.

Gas countertop griddles are equipped with 1-inch-thick polished steel griddle plates that are welded to the front plate and frame. Insulated double wall front and side construction incorporates an extended cool-to-touch front edge. Features include 30,000 Btus per burner, with heat control every 12 inches and flames every 6 inches. Units come in widths of 15, 24, 36, 48 and 60 inches.