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Corner Floor Mop Sink

Advance Tabco

The 9-OP-436FM Flush Floor Mop Sink is a large-capacity sink that provides enough accessible space for rinsing and cleaning mops and filling buckets. Flush floor mop sinks have removable stainless-steel subway grating that allows mop buckets to roll into the sink at floor level, making an easier floor transition. The sink bowl is 22 inches by 36 inches by 10 inches. The side and rear splashes are 16½ inches tall and keep the area protected from water damage.



The A6 Dish Machine offers dual-mode sanitizing and a 45-second wash cycle, cleaning and sanitizing up to 72 racks per hour, per the manufacturer. The unit is available in 208- or 204-volt and single- or three-phase power options. It features a three-door design, making the unit suitable for corner positioning.



Ultra D-Grease Supreme is a highly concentrated alkaline degreaser for use in commercial kitchens. The cleaner’s blend of surfactants helps provide quick soil penetration, per the maker, helping it remove grease, oil, and carbon buildup from stovetops, ovens, flat grills, deep
fryers, hoods, vents and floors.

Exhaust Hood


This Type 1 exhaust hood is suitable for use in smaller kitchen spaces with potentially lower ceilings and limited room for a wall canopy hood per the maker. It features a standard bottom hood width to allow use of end skirts, and its tapered sides with a cutaway front provide greater space between appliances for cooking flexibility.

Bag Opener


The Viper Safety bag opener helps reduce cross-contamination when opening bags or packages of food, and to protect the user against laceration injuries, per the maker. The unit is NSF certified and FDA compliant, per the maker. It features a stainless-steel blade that resists corrosion and breakage. Operators can choose from a variety of colors.

Oil Management Equipment

Frontline International

Frontline International redesigned its used oil tanks to be square in shape, which will allow them to fit better in kitchens and use less space.

Undercounter Dishwasher


The LXnR Advansys is a two-level undercounter dishwasher capable of cleaning up to 48 racks per hour, per the maker. The unit also features NSF-rated pot and pan cycles. Operators can remove the second-level rack to load larger items, such as a full-size sheet pan, into the 17-inch opening. When in place, the upper rack is suitable for plates, smallwares and utensils.

Corner Floor Mop Sink

Advance Tabco

The 9-OP-44CDF Corner Floor Mop Sink has a notched front to make bucket emptying easier. The sink bowl measures 237/8 inches by 237/8 inches by 12 inches and features stainless-steel construction. The unit includes a drain and a strainer basket with handle.


T&S Brass and Bronze Works

The LakeCrest line of aesthetic faucets features five refined designs, including single-lever faucets, a concealed widespread faucet design, a metering faucet and a semi-pro kitchen faucet.

Grease Extractor


The Accurex Grease-X-Tractor filter is UL 1046 listed with zero flame penetration, NSF certified, and complies with NFPA 211 standards in fire hazard reduction, helping prevent grease buildup and lowering fire risk within the hood and duct system.