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Electric Countertop Conveyor Toaster


The Spectrum line of conveyor toasters can toast breads, bagels, small pizzas and similar dough-based products. It features an easy-load rack, a front return chute and an optional rear product return. Other features include a stainless-steel, cool-to-the-touch exterior and a variable conveyor-speed dial control for optimal doneness.

GST-1H Flatbread Toaster


The GST-1H flatbread toasters heat pitas, flatbreads and tortillas or cook raw tortillas in seconds, allowing operations to serve these items on demand. A motorized conveyor guides product along two high-temperature platens. The front load and front return make this item a good fit for back-of-the-house placement.

Conveyor Toasters & Ovens

The Vollrath Co. LLC

Conveyor pizza ovens can accommodate fresh dough and parbaked pizzas, flatbreads, calzones and breads. Conveyor toasters utilize forced convection and quartz heaters. Conveyor sandwich ovens toast bread, melt cheese or warm meat in low or high volumes. Contact toasters save space for high-volume bun toasting. Cheese melters/finishing ovens melt cheese and finish off entrees.

Intelligent Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toaster

Hatco Corp.

The Intelligent Toast-Qwik Narrow Conveyor Toaster toasts multiple bread products and finishes cooking smaller food products — all with the touch of a button. The narrow design allows for continuous single-slice toasting and for the unit to fit into smaller areas. Operators can choose from four different toasting modes.

Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toasters

Hatco Corp.

Toast-Qwik Conveyor Toasters have a modernized design and advanced controls. The touchscreen control panel allows implementation of up to 12 programmable product settings. The unit monitors and adjusts conveyor speed for consistent toasting results.

Flat Bread Toaster


The GST-1H Flat Bread Toaster heats pitas, flatbreads and tortillas or cooks raw tortillas. Continuously moving belts feed in product on demand. A conveyor guides product along the two high-temperature platens and a digital control panel allows users to adjust the temperature and motor speed.