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  • Complex Flavors Expand

    Written by Lisa White
    Increasing complexity, heat and spice continue to drive interest in more complex and varied flavors.
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  • Methods for Preserving Food Quality

    Written by The Editors
    Restaurant operators have options when it comes to preserving food quality, which is not only important from a customer standpoint but also helps control food waste.
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  • Potential

    Written by Joseph M. Carbonara
    Fewer words in the English language can be more intoxicating than the word “potential.” That’s because when talking about the potential of something, the only limits on its success seem to be the limits of one’s imagination.
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  • Burger King Takes Another Step to Reclaim the Flame

    Written by The Editors
    Burger King takes another step to reclaim the flame. Boston Market’s uncertain future. A Ukrainian coffee concept to open in Chicago. These stories and more This Week in Foodservice.
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  • Baya Bar Brings a New York Mindset to Acai

    Written by Toby Weber
    Focused on smart real estate choices and a compact footprint, this chain could soon reach 50-plus locations in the Big Apple.
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  • A Historic Renovation at Yale University

    Written by Donna Boss
    “Transformational” is how Yale University leaders describe the extensively renovated Yale Schwarzman Center. As the university’s first center for student life and the arts at the historic heart of campus, the renovated facility provides a shared space that fosters collaboration, wellness and connection among students.
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