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Mobile Refrigeration Brings New Catering Possibilities

polar king IMG 0951 2Convenient Polar King Mobile refrigerated trailers are perfect for off-site catering and events where additional refrigeration capacity may be needed.

Eastern Food Equipment and Polar King Mobile: Working Together for Caterers

Caterers and other off-site food providers are constantly “thinking on their feet” and recalculating their refrigeration needs to suit each job. Eastern Food Equipment of Winston-Salem, N.C., has found a way to help caterers and other foodservice operations handle situations when extra refrigeration is needed — mobile refrigerator/freezer trailers from Polar King Mobile.

“We have some [customers] that have been renting [Polar King Mobile refrigerated trailers] for catering,” says Greg Noe, Sales Consultant for Eastern Food Equipment. “We have some that are renting them because their walk-in is not up, and they are using it until their walk-in gets repaired.” Still others, he says, use them to transport items from one location to another.

The Polar King Mobile units offer benefits that other units don’t, says Noe. “From what I can see, most of the competition don’t have [units] that can be a freezer or a refrigerator. And this one holds the temperature better.” The units are well constructed, he says. “It’s a tough unit; it’ll hold a lot of weight. There haven’t been any corners cut, and it’s aesthetically pleasing.”

Another advantage to the units is their ease of use, Noe says. “When it comes to adjusting the temperature or turning it on or off, it’s very easy…just push a button.” People who rent a unit, he says, “can learn to use it within minutes. It’s not complicated.”

Noe succinctly sums up why Polar King Mobile refrigerated trailers are popular with Eastern Food Equipment’s catering (and other) customers: “Everything is quality.”