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Moving Up to Polar King

Nick Pearl is the owner and franchisee of three Salvatore’s Old-Fashioned Pizzeria restaurants in upstate New York, and his restaurants serve more than just pizza. “We are famous for pizza, wings, calamari, chicken Caesar salad – we deliver everything but babies,” he laughs.

With such a broad menu, proper storage and refrigeration is vitally important to Pearl, not only for the ingredients used in making all his dishes but for beverages as well. Through the years, he has had experience with all sorts of coolers and freezers — even going as far as building his own. But he’s now moving up from used coolers and freezers to a brand-new, custom-built Polar King unit.

PolarKing 119A0348Polar King’s Quick Build Program provides faster lead times on common sizes of coolers, freezers and combo units, while customized units can complement almost any operation.

Readily Available

Nick Pearl knows that Polar King means quality. “They’re the best in the business,” he says. “There is no better unit for outdoor walk-in coolers.” He also likes the fact that Polar King coolers and freezers can withstand the tough New York winters, so they don’t take up valuable internal square footage.

Another important factor in Pearl’s decision is the availability of Polar King units. “This time around, traditional boxes were out of stock, late and quite frankly, almost the same price as the Polar King. So I decided to spend the little extra and get the boxes that I knew were going to outlast me,” he says. “I’m thrilled to have this quality of a cooler.”