Commercial ranges typically involve a range top and base, but sizes, features and configurations vary widely.


Service Tips: Induction Cookers

Induction cooktops are a good solution for operations that need an easy, mobile cooking surface. Though their operation is straightforward, kitchen staffers need to follow some guidelines to keep them operating properly.

  • Induction burners typically have air intake vents that must be kept clean. Vacuum them clean if they are clogged by debris.
  • Many induction burners are portable, but as electric units; they need the proper power supply. Be sure to match the outlet to the unit when operating an induction burner in a new location.
  • The glass cooking surface of induction cookers can be very sensitive. Do not use abrasive chemicals or scrubbers to clean them, as these could damage the cooktop. Follow the owners manual instructions on which chemicals to use and which to avoid.
  • Do not use an induction cooktop with a cracked surface. Cleaning solution, grease or other debris could slip through and cause a short.
  • Do not leave empty pans on an induction cooktop that’s powered on, as this can damage the cookware.

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