Commercial ranges typically involve a range top and base, but sizes, features and configurations vary widely.


Cleaning and Maintaining Ranges

Ranges are multipurpose pieces of cooking equipment that serve as a staple in most foodservice operations. A range top often is the most used piece of equipment in a kitchen cook line.

From food preparation to cooking, most ranges operate all day, from open to close. For this reason, regular cleaning and maintenance schedules are a must. While daily and monthly cleaning should be performed by trained employees, quarterly and yearly maintenance should be handled by a professional service company.

The biggest maintenance issue with ranges is neglect. Units that are not regularly and properly cleaned have a severely compromised service life and are also a fire hazard. When properly cared for, these units can last as long as 10 years or more.

Basic daily maintenance for ranges requires removing and thoroughly cleaning the grates and burners; fully cleaning the burner box; inspecting pilot systems, control systems and burners; and cleaning all surfaces.

Many operators do not realize the importance of regularly cleaning the oven base, but it requires daily attention. In addition, clean drawers daily, or the debris inside can become a fire hazard.


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