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Service Tips: Pulpers

Large operations with big bills for garbage hauling may turn to pulpers to cut costs. These units can turn a garbage bag full of table scraps and disposables into a slurry with a fraction of the volume. Here are tips to keep this equipment running well.

  • Only put approved items in a pulper. One of the biggest causes of service calls is non-pulpable items like flatware being sent into the unit.
  • Do not overload a pulper. Doing so can strain the components and even contribute to a clog.
  • Pulpers need regular cleaning to work properly and avoid clogs. Follow the cleaning instructions outlined in the owner’s manual.
  • Pulpers have water lines to help break down waste. While these lines don’t usually need a filter, they can leak. These leaks can be easy to miss, given the messiness of the area, so pay extra attention for potential problems.