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Kentucky Fried Chicken was among the first foodservice operators to use pressure fryers. In doing so, the chain worked with the foodservice equipment industry to develop a safe alternative to its modified stovetop pressure-cooker setup. Due to enhanced efficiency, these units became a staple in quick-service operations. Touted for their speed and flavor-enhancing abilities, pressure fryers are used for a variety of items, including chicken, battered fish, calamari, mozzarella sticks and vegetable tempura.

 Commercial-grade panini presses are a fixture in cafes that offer hot sandwiches and quesadillas. Despite the name, panini presses, also referred to as sandwich presses or panini machines, can be used for heating up more than just the popular hot sandwiches.

A good combi oven can easily cost an operator tens of thousands of dollars. That sort of investment is worth protecting with regular care, cleaning and maintenance. Here are a few tips to keeping combis up and running.

Foodservice operators typically use steamers to cook menu items like vegetables, seafood, potatoes and rice because this equipment usually provides fast production and helps the food retain moisture, nutrients and color.

Steam-jacketed kettles can produce greater volumes with increased consistency, while reducing labor for both preparation and cleaning. Here is a quick overview of this type of foodservice equipment. 

Countertop griddles are typically categorized as heavy-duty countertop cooking equipment and are versatile workhorses that have a central location in many kitchen equipment lineups.