Ovens cover a broad range of equipment pieces and include combi, deck, cook and hold, microwave and convection.


Cleaning and Maintaining Combi Ovens

The average lifespan of a combi oven is 10 to 15 years, depending on kitchen conditions and use.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, combi oven requirements are similar to steamers. The biggest concern in caring for these units is water quality and scale removal. Proper cleaning and maintenance are needed since lime scale builds up on the oven’s interior over time. Overlooking water filters or specifying an incorrect type can result in many service calls and severely decrease the combi’s service life. Combi ovens have issues most often when the boiler is not well maintained. Either operators or service agents need to annually descale these units, or the oven may fail prematurely.

With cleaning methods and solutions, operators should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Combi units generally run through a cleaning cycle during off hours, so it’s important to have enough of the proper chemicals on hand to properly run these programs on a regular basis.

As for day-to-day cleaning, the oven’s interior should be cleaned and wiped out with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. The outside of the oven can be wiped down with mild soap and water as needed. Racks can be removed and washed in the sink. Combi water filters should be replaced every three to six months, while generators should be descaled every six to 12 months, depending on hours of use.

Kitchen placement is another factor that impacts these units’ service life. Combis placed over drains run the risk of steam and water deteriorating the frame or internal components. These ovens also shouldn’t be situated by extreme heat, such as that emitted by open burner ranges, which could damage the oven.

Most combi operating components can be replaced or rebuilt, yet operators should weigh the cost of repairing with replacement. Experts recommend that when structural issues or repair costs are 50% of the combi’s replacement cost, a new unit should be considered. If motors, fans or other major parts are failing, it may be time to replace the oven.

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