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Combi ovens are high-dollar pieces that offer operators great control over a cooking environment. A single unit can serve as a standard oven, a steamer, or a mix with varying heat and humidity levels. Because they do so much, a combi going down can cause serious disruptions in a kitchen. Here are some tips to keeping your combi running smoothly.

Steamers are geared for items like vegetables, seafood, potatoes and rice since not only is production fast, but the equipment also helps these foods retain moisture, nutrients and color. 

Operations from sandwich chains to c-stores to coffee shops use convection microwaves. These units can toast a sandwich, heat a pastry and cook a pizza, usually in 90 seconds or less.

Operators should keep in mind a number of factors when purchasing a steamer to ensure it can meet the operation’s cooking and heating needs.

Combi ovens can take the place of other pieces of equipment, including convection ovens, steamers, cook-and-hold cabinets, proofers and slow cookers, saving money and kitchen space. 

The range top can be used for cooking, stir-frying, grilling, sauteing, searing, boiling and broiling. Oven bases can bake, roast, warm and broil, while cabinet bases can be used for additional storage. Ranges can also include refrigerated or freezer drawers for storing cold items prior to cooking.