Cooking Equipment

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Operators should keep in mind a number of factors when purchasing a steamer to ensure it can meet the operation’s cooking and heating needs.

From food preparation to cooking, most ranges operate the entire day as the application for this equipment spans multiple dayparts.

The range top can be used for cooking, stir-frying, grilling, sauteing, searing, boiling and broiling. Oven bases can bake, roast, warm and broil, while cabinet bases can be used for additional storage. Ranges can also include refrigerated or freezer drawers for storing cold items prior to cooking. 

Operators can choose from many different fryer types and styles, including models suitable for general use and multipurpose and specialty units. The menu will determine the type of fryer that is necessary.

Assess the menu, anticipated production needs and volume when purchasing a range.

When purchasing a commercial fryer, sizing is a key factor, so consider the volume of fried food the operation will prepare. In addition, consider the configuration of the fryer in relation to the menu items the operation will produce as some designs work better with certain foods than others.