open kitchens

  • Making a Mark

    Concept and menu drive a grill station’s design.

  • Open Kitchens Front and Center

    Traditional back-of-the-house kitchen spaces may become a distant memory for some foodservice operations as the front of the house continues to merge with the back.

  • Back on The Saddle

    We have made it! It is with great pleasure that I can say foodservice industry gatherings are back!

  • Open Kitchen Design: Form and Function Meet Art

    This past year has seen tremendous change in the foodservice industry. One thing that remains the same, however, is a continuing desire among both operators and consumers for open kitchens.

  • The Move to Kitchen Transparency

    The open kitchen concept has become one of the biggest trends in restaurant design. When customers see an open kitchen, they often assume they see the whole production process. But is that truly possible? And is it practical from an operational standpoint?