• Food Trend: Fermentation

    Fermented foods are on the hot list for chefs today. Fermented foods first made waves in the foodservice industry back in 2018, with use up 149% in restaurants that year, according to Statistica. Fermentation can help stem product waste by providing a way to preserve unused ingredients.

  • The Resurgence of Peasant Foods

    With the current trends leaning more toward cleaner living and simplifying diets, peasant foods are expected to see a resurgence this year.

  • The Move to Kitchen Transparency

    The open kitchen concept has become one of the biggest trends in restaurant design. When customers see an open kitchen, they often assume they see the whole production process. But is that truly possible? And is it practical from an operational standpoint?

  • 6 Food Trends in 2021 and their E&S Implications

    While the pandemic and restaurant restrictions has made it challenging to pinpoint food trends this New Year, one pattern certainly stands out.

  • Fast-Casual Mexican Continues to Carve Its Own Path

    New ideas, ingredients (healthy and not) and innovations keep the Mexican segment on-trend.

  • A Changing Coffee Culture

    America’s coffee culture continues to evolve as new brews, brewing methods, bean sources and technologies emerge. Millennials take the lead with java trends, and the under-40 demographic drives growth in cold brew and ready-to-drink categories, according to the National Coffee Association.

  • Dietitians Up the Ante with Nutrition

    Americans seek the latest functional food ingredients to boost their meals’ nutritional content when dining out.

  • New Approaches in Test Kitchens

    The hallmarks of a great test kitchen start with the right equipment lineup, flexibility and a space that invites food experiments.

  • Comfort Food Reimagined

    Comfort foods precipitate feelings of nostalgia and help create a relaxing mood — something that may be connecting more with consumers in this COVID-19 time frame.

  • Chain Prototypes

    From testing totally new concepts to rethinking training facilities and the back of the house, today’s chain prototypes offer a testament to the changes reshaping the restaurant industry. Here’s a closer look at some of the most recent chain prototypes in the market.