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  • July Rep Roundup

    BSE North, DFS Reps and Limelight Foodservice & Hospitality update their line cards while The Hansen Group and Pecinka Ferri add personnel.

  • June Rep Roundup

    Chrane Foodservice Solutions, Lund-Iorio and Pecinka-Ferri add talent to their rosters while Spaceman updates its rep network.

  • May Rep Roundup

    BSE, The Hansen Group and Preferred Marketing Group add to their personnel rosters, while Greenwald Sales and Marketing bolsters its line card.

  • April Rep Round Up

    Alto-Shaam and Insinger update their rep networks, while The Hansen Group and Zink Foodservice add new talent to their rosters.

  • 2022 Top Achievers

    In an industry of impressive leaders, these five FE&S Top Achievers stand out due to their ability to challenge themselves, their teams and, ultimately, positively influence the foodservice industry at large. Many of this year’s crop of Top Achievers have surprised themselves along the way as their careers and life situations took them on unexpected journeys.

  • 2022 Top Achiever—Manufacturers’ Representative: Melissa Greenwald, Greenwald Sales & Marketing

    Melissa Greenwald has met and done business in an energetic and enthusiastic manner with countless people since her career in the foodservice industry began in earnest back in 2005. But as the president of Greenwald Sales & Marketing, one person in particular stands above all in terms of responsibility for guiding and developing Greenwald into the successful business owner and manufacturers’ representative that she is today.

  • March Rep Roundup

    Rep news this month includes Gabriel Group merging with Byrne & Associates, while Refrigerated Solutions Group and Unox add to their networks and more.

  • February Rep Roundup

    Two rep forms combine to form Curate, while manufacturers Cal-Mil, Equipex, Marra Forni and Unified Brands all make changes to their rep networks.

  • January Rep Roundup

    EMC Hospitality buys Hodak Sales while PMG adds to its rep network and Limelight bolsters its line card.

  • December Rep Roundup

    Introducing EMC “A Hospitality Collective,” while Zink adds a refrigeration, ventilation and HVAC contractor and service company.

  • November Rep Roundup

    Gabriel Group merges with a group from Acosta Cornerstone. Alto-Shaam, Premier Metal & Glass and LTI add to their rep networks, while Greenwald Sales & Marketing adds a business development manager.

  • October Rep Round Up

    Two longtime associates acquire Preferred Source. 4-Star Reps adds to its culinary acumen while Greenwald and Mirk add to their line cards.

  • August Rep Round-Up

    4-Star Reps and Ignite added to their teams, while BSE North adds to its line card and Limelight opens another test kitchen in Wisconsin. Plus, the Mirk Group opens in the Chicago suburbs.

  • Remembering Jerry Yundt

    Longtime manufacturers’ rep Jerry Yundt passed away on Aug. 2. Yundt was 80 years old. He was a principal at Jerry Yundt & Associates and spent more than 45 years in the foodservice industry.

  • The Supply Chain Keeps Rolling with the Changes

    As foodservice operators continue to evolve, so too must the supply chain that serves them. From a distance, though, it may not look as if a lot has changed among the individual links in the foodservice equipment supply chain. But a closer look reveals much has changed about the way that individual companies go to market, how they work with each other and more.

  • Partnership to Further Develop Mobile Design Capabilities

    Roomle and Kitchautomation have developed a partnership that will assist the way foodservice operators and the supply chain work together to design commercial kitchens and specify equipment, supplies and more. The intent of the partnership is to further collaboration among foodservice operators, designers, equipment and supplies dealers, manufacturers' reps and others involved in the design process.

  • Mikasa Hospitality Bolsters Sales Team

    Mikasa Hospitality added three new members to its foodservice sales team: Mary Agnes Palumbo, Jean Fritsche and Michael Butler.

  • May Rep Roundup

    Avant Sales and Marketing expands its line card, while Channel Manufacturing, Equipex and Winholt update their rep networks. And Kelly-Mincks adds a business development manager.

  • BSE Adds North Division

    New York-based manufacturers’ rep firm BSE Marketing is expanding into MAFSI region 2 (upstate New York and Western Pennsylvania) through the formation of a new division, known as BSE North.

  • April Rep Roundup

    An Ohio rep firm changes its name, while Texas rep firms Chrane Foodservice Solutions and EPI add to their teams. Also, foodservice equipment manufacturers Forza Forni, RSG and Wood Stone up their rep networks.

  • March 2021 Rep Roundup

    Rep groups making news include Chrane Foodservice Solutions naming a customer success manager, Culinary Equipment Group adding a corporate chef, M2 and Tri-State Marketing expanding their personnel and territories, a new name for Limelight and Zink updating its retail team.

  • Rep Round Up for February 2021

    Ability Reps, Chrane Foodservice Solutions and Performance Reps Northwest hire new talent while The Gabriel Group and Table Top Dogz add to their line cards.

  • FE&S Names 2021 Top Achiever Award Recipients

    Foodservice Equipment & Supplies named the recipients of its 2021 Top Achiever Awards. These individual awards recognize professionals from five industry segments for their abilities to not only run market-leading companies but also raise the level of professionalism for the industry overall.

  • Ignite Acquires Pro-Pacific

    Ignite Foodservice Solutions, a Denver- based independent manufacturers’ rep firm has acquired Pro-Pacific, a rep firm serving the Pacific Northwestern U.S. As a result of the deal, Pro-Pacific will go to market as Ignite Pro-Pacific.

  • Remembering Manufacturers’ Rep Andrew Bachovin

    Andrew Bachovin, a longtime member of the foodservice industry, died on Jan. 18, 2021. He was 74 years old.

  • Rep Roundup for January 20, 2021

    A lot is happening in the rep world this month, including 4 Star Reps adding a principal, Eagle Frizzel and Maxwell-McKenney adding to their teams, as well as handful of rep groups updating their line cards.

  • Texas Rep Groups Come Together to form E-Source Miller

    In a deal that combines two Texas-based independent manufacturers’ rep firms, Miller & Associates has acquired E-Source. The company will now go to market as E-Source Miller.

  • Rep Roundup for January 2021

    Rep groups Chrane Foodservice Solutions, Culinary Equipment Group, ECHO Foodservice Marketing, Elevate Foodservice Group and Limelight Hospitality add new manufacturers to their line cards, while PCH Solutions introduces a new member of its customer service group.

  • Manufacturers’ Rep Group Takes Equipment Demos on the Road

    What does one do when a pandemic suddenly makes visiting supply chain partners and end-users potentially not as safe as it once was? You hit the road to meet customers where they are.

  • December 2020 Rep Roundup

    A new rep firm emerges in New England, while Thermo-Kool and UNOX update their rep networks. Plus, Nordon taps a foodservice industry veteran to fill a key sales and marketing role.

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