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  • Partnership to Further Develop Mobile Design Capabilities

    Roomle and Kitchautomation have developed a partnership that will assist the way foodservice operators and the supply chain work together to design commercial kitchens and specify equipment, supplies and more. The intent of the partnership is to further collaboration among foodservice operators, designers, equipment and supplies dealers, manufacturers' reps and others involved in the design process.

  • Mikasa Hospitality Bolsters Sales Team

    Mikasa Hospitality added three new members to its foodservice sales team: Mary Agnes Palumbo, Jean Fritsche and Michael Butler.

  • May Rep Roundup

    Avant Sales and Marketing expands its line card, while Channel Manufacturing, Equipex and Winholt update their rep networks. And Kelly-Mincks adds a business development manager.

  • BSE Adds North Division

    New York-based manufacturers’ rep firm BSE Marketing is expanding into MAFSI region 2 (upstate New York and Western Pennsylvania) through the formation of a new division, known as BSE North.

  • April Rep Roundup

    An Ohio rep firm changes its name, while Texas rep firms Chrane Foodservice Solutions and EPI add to their teams. Also, foodservice equipment manufacturers Forza Forni, RSG and Wood Stone up their rep networks.

  • March 2021 Rep Roundup

    Rep groups making news include Chrane Foodservice Solutions naming a customer success manager, Culinary Equipment Group adding a corporate chef, M2 and Tri-State Marketing expanding their personnel and territories, a new name for Limelight and Zink updating its retail team.

  • Rep Round Up for February 2021

    Ability Reps, Chrane Foodservice Solutions and Performance Reps Northwest hire new talent while The Gabriel Group and Table Top Dogz add to their line cards.

  • FE&S Names 2021 Top Achiever Award Recipients

    Foodservice Equipment & Supplies named the recipients of its 2021 Top Achiever Awards. These individual awards recognize professionals from five industry segments for their abilities to not only run market-leading companies but also raise the level of professionalism for the industry overall.

  • Ignite Acquires Pro-Pacific

    Ignite Foodservice Solutions, a Denver- based independent manufacturers’ rep firm has acquired Pro-Pacific, a rep firm serving the Pacific Northwestern U.S. As a result of the deal, Pro-Pacific will go to market as Ignite Pro-Pacific.

  • Remembering Manufacturers’ Rep Andrew Bachovin

    Andrew Bachovin, a longtime member of the foodservice industry, died on Jan. 18, 2021. He was 74 years old.

  • Rep Roundup for January 20, 2021

    A lot is happening in the rep world this month, including 4 Star Reps adding a principal, Eagle Frizzel and Maxwell-McKenney adding to their teams, as well as handful of rep groups updating their line cards.

  • Texas Rep Groups Come Together to form E-Source Miller

    In a deal that combines two Texas-based independent manufacturers’ rep firms, Miller & Associates has acquired E-Source. The company will now go to market as E-Source Miller.

  • Rep Roundup for January 2021

    Rep groups Chrane Foodservice Solutions, Culinary Equipment Group, ECHO Foodservice Marketing, Elevate Foodservice Group and Limelight Hospitality add new manufacturers to their line cards, while PCH Solutions introduces a new member of its customer service group.

  • Manufacturers’ Rep Group Takes Equipment Demos on the Road

    What does one do when a pandemic suddenly makes visiting supply chain partners and end-users potentially not as safe as it once was? You hit the road to meet customers where they are.

  • December 2020 Rep Roundup

    A new rep firm emerges in New England, while Thermo-Kool and UNOX update their rep networks. Plus, Nordon taps a foodservice industry veteran to fill a key sales and marketing role.

  • New Approaches in Test Kitchens

    The hallmarks of a great test kitchen start with the right equipment lineup, flexibility and a space that invites food experiments.

  • Principal of Reitano Design Group Shares the Lessons he Learned from his Late Father

    Throughout my life, I have always been close to my father. As a kid, if he was building shelves in the basement, I was with him. My father was the best man in my wedding more than 27 years ago. Based on this relationship, when the chance came to join the manufacturers’ representative firm that he and his partner Jack Kappus founded — SESCO — I jumped at it.

  • Rep Roundup for October 2020

    Pecinka Ferri Associates makes some personnel moves, while Limelight Industries adds to its growing line card. Plus, Elite Global Solutions recognizes some top performers from its rep network while Gaylord Industries updates its Florida representation.

  • September's Rep Roundup

    Equipex, Gaylord Industries and Marra Forni all update their representation and Limelight Hospitality emerges as a new rep firm serving the Midwest.

  • Rep Roundup for August 2020

    Culinary Equipment Group, PB&J and various other rep groups updated their line cards. In addition, Zink Foodservice further integrated a recent acquisition into its company.

  • Rep Round Up for July 2020

    Culinary Express Group, Wyllie Marketing and Zink Foodservice add to their line cards. MarkeTeam adds to its personnel roster. And the Wallin Group prepares to go to market under a new name.

  • HotMax Near-Boiling Water Dispenser

    eemax hotmax with faucetEemax

    HotMax Near-Boiling Water Dispensers provide hot water with no downtime. Dispensers enable baristas to fulfill 480 orders of near-boiling water per hour at a continuous flow. The dispenser’s gooseneck faucet provides splash-free dispensing without steam.

  • Zink Acquires JMA

    In a move that enhances its product knowledge in the furniture area, independent manufacturer’s rep firm The Zink Corporation has acquired John Manson & Associates.

  • Rep Roundup for January 2020

    BK Resources and Robot Coupe updated their rep networks, while rep firm Prima Marketing added to its team.

  • Rep Roundup for November 2019

    Bally, LTI, Master-Bilt and Robot Coupe all made updates to their rep networks.

  • Rep Roundup for October 2019

    Two companies update their international network, while another adds to its domestic team.

  • Rep Roundup for August 2019

    Easyflex, Master-Bilt, Nor-Lake and Sapphire Manufacturing are among the companies with updates to their rep networks.

  • Edward Don Acquires Myers, Rep Roundup and Three Personnel Announcements

  • Rep Roundup for May 2019

    A long-time CMA associate retires, while Crown Brands and Electrolux update their rep networks. Plus, Heartland reps adds a couple of K-12 specialists.

  • Rep Roundup for April 2019

    EQUIPEX, Nor-Lake and Sapphire Manufacturing update their rep networks while Food Equipment Representatives added two new associates to its personnel roster.

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