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April Rep Roundup

EQUIPEX, Fisher Manufacturing and RATIONAL all update their rep networks. 

EQUIPEX added Curate to its rep network. Curate now represents Equipex in Arizona; Colorado; El Paso, Texas; New Mexico; Utah and Wyoming (MAFSI region 20). EQUIPEX manufactures countertop cooking equipment, warming displays, induction cooking and warming equipment.

Fisher Manufacturing, a provider of foodservice and plumbing-related products, added two companies to its rep network: Platinum Marketing Group and E-Source Miller. Platinum Marketing Group now represents Fisher in Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, and Delaware, also known as MAFSI Region 4. E-Source Miller now represents Fisher in Texas and Oklahoma, also known as MAFSI Region 15.

RATIONAL USA added Florida Restaurant Equipment Professionals to its rep network. Florida Equipment Professionals now represents RATIONAL in the entire state of Florida, also known as MAFSI Region 13.