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It’s important to keep all food prep equipment clean, but especially food slicers. Why?

A Q&A with Brent Henschel, marketing manager, Server Products

A Q&A with Anthony Ziglear, Regional Account Manager, Curtron Products

Today’s technology is rapidly evolving, bringing tools to the foodservice industry that raise the bar when it comes to not only repair issues, but also service overall.

A Q&A with Edward Nunn, business development manager, Hatco Corporation

Room service has become the gold standard for many hospitals, and heated serving carts, in particular, has made a big impact on its success. Ensure your serving carts are working at their top performance with these check points.

Q&A with Markus Glueck, executive vice president, RATIONAL North America

In the restaurant industry today, there is no doubt that smaller spaces are trending. Higher rents per square foot, a shrinking labor pool and increasing operating costs have all contributed to this movement.

Q&A with Travis Hartley, national sales manager/executive chef, F.W.E.

When it comes down to ordering parts for foodservice equipment, there is no disputing the benefit of manufacturer-trained customer service staff. This minimizes downtime, saving money in the long run and time and aggravation in doing the job right.

With some restaurants, speed of service can be especially challenging due to lack of back of house space.

Wawa, a Media, Pa.-based convenience store chain with locations in Pennsylvania; New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia; Florida; Maryland; and Washington, D.C., specializes in foodservice items, including its popular toasted hoagie sandwiches.

A Q&A with Carolyn Bilger, Senior Marketing Manager, Hobart Food Machines

Is there a benefit in sourcing your kitchen equipment from the same manufacturer?

Carolyn Bilger: We certainly think so. If you need to schedule preventative maintenance or a repair and you’ve got to call multiple people, that takes a lot of time. Or, if you’re in a deli and you have some slicers in front-of-the-house and some in back-of-the-house and they all operate and tear down the same way, your employees don’t have to learn how to clean multiple kinds of equipment.

A Q&A with Gyner Ozgul, vice president of operations, Smart Care Equipment Solutions

Unlike some other pieces of foodservice equipment, the cost of owning a commercial dishwasher goes beyond simply the price of the machine itself. How the machine consumes water, energy and chemicals can all have a profound effect on the cost of ownership over the lifespan of the machine. Having a dish machine that effectively balances these elements is essential to optimal performance and cost savings for your operation.