The Advantages of Hub-and-Spoke Ghost Kitchens

When operators are looking to utilize a high-volume central commissary kitchen to then service several different outposts, the hub-and-spoke model is ideal. Get a glimpse of how this process can enable your brand to expand its reach while ensuring food is delivered consistently.

Ghost kitchen operators can benefit from Hub-and-Spoke models, which optimize production efficiency by utilizing a high-volume central commissary kitchen as the hub. This then services the spokes, which may include full-service restaurants, food trucks, mobile restaurants, kiosks and outposts. 

The best way to visualize this virtual kitchen concept is as a spider web with the main kitchen at the center. Because it can accommodate the prep and refrigeration space needed, this is where all the cooking and preparing of ingredients, such as meat, vegetables, sides, etc., takes place. Food is then either delivered directly to customers or transferred to one of the spokes to be cooked or re-thermalized, plated and packaged for pickup or delivery. 

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Hub-and-Spoke ghost kitchen concepts offer a number of advantages. This process not only enables brands to expand their reach to tap into a broader demographic and audience, but it also ensures that food is delivered consistently, no matter where it’s headed. As the hub, the central kitchen is capable of delivering freshly-prepared, high-quality food across large geographic areas, including urban regions and their surrounding suburbs. 

With its extensive product lineup and food industry experience as the largest food equipment manufacturer in the world, The Middleby Corp. offers a wide range of options for Hub-and-Spoke ghost kitchen concepts, making it the perfect partner for large central commissary kitchens serving as a hub.

For fast and efficient prep, the company’s Firex, IMC and Globe equipment can peel, wash and chop vegetables with ease. Processing meat and plant-based proteins and performing sous vide and braising techniques in high volumes is significantly simplified with Middleby’s Amor Inox, Hinds-Bock ALKAR and MP equipment. Preserving food quality is a vital step in the process, and Middleby’s CV-Tek modified atmospheric packaging machines ensure all items are packed safe and secure for transit to the spoke destination. 

You can count on Middleby to provide turnkey kitchen solutions designed to meet the needs of any Hub-and-Spoke ghost kitchen. Discover how we can make your kitchen safer, sturdier, and smarter.

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