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  • MultiFresh® NEXT


    irinox blastchillerIntroducing the most powerful and efficient blast chiller on the market. The MultiFresh® Next offers a complete range of functionalities to customize your blast chiller. Everything is configurable to create equipment tailored to the specific requirements of your kitchen. MultiFresh® Next generates more power with less environmental impact by using propane, an eco-friendly gas optimizing energy

  • Irinox MultiFresh®: More Than Just a Blast Chiller

    For years, the passion and creativity of chefs has been dependent upon a number of factors: manpower, quality ingredients, standardized practices and reliable tools.

  • 4 Suppliers Share Their Key Restaurant Equipment Considerations

    Current industry struggles have changed how everyone views the future from operators to suppliers to manufacturers. The crystal ball isn’t entirely clear but here, suppliers and manufacturers offer insights into what may come in the equipment and supplies industry.