Cooking Equipment

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Midea “Scan&Go” Commercial Microwave Oven

Midea America Corp.

Midea’s “FlashChef®” line of commercial cooking appliances is proud to introduce the Commercial Industry’s 1st: “Scan&Go®” Microwave Oven. With unique IR technology, your customer simply passes a bar-coded packaged food item into the oven and the proprietary software “reads” the item, accesses the cooking program* and cooks the food to exact manufacturer (or your own) specifications.
*Pre-loaded, manually or through an automatically generated QR code.

Countertop Minijet™ Combi Oven


It’s a revolution in simplicity. The Minijet™ takes the complexity out of combi cooking so you can take full advantage of the speed, precision and versatility combis are supposed to offer — all in an oven sized to thrive in your kitchen. Easily execute on your breakfast menu, from scrambled eggs to bacon and croissants. Quickly cook to fill a buffet or warm and serve to a seated diner. A vapor condensing hood is available.

AutoFry MTI 10X

Motion Technology, Inc.

The AutoFry MTI-10X is an automatic, ventless deep fryer, designed for any business looking to start a food program. No hoods or venting required; means you can serve up an entire menu without the need of expensive renovations to your kitchen, with just the push of a button. With the MTI-10X, you have the flexibility to relocate the machine to fit your space, the ability to produce high profit items such as fries, onion rings, chicken tenders, and the capacity to fry up to 4 pounds of product per fry-cycle. The MTI-10X is fully enclosed and automated keeping employees safe from the internal cooking chamber.

Fire Deck Automatic 9660 Oven

Wood Stone Corporation

The user-friendly, high-production Fire Deck Automatic 9660 is finally here! This oven, with full-featured touch screen and smart controls, delivers the firepower with improved heat management that fast-casual pizza operators need to produce more consistent, quality pizzas per hour with a labor force requiring less training. Our new burner design prevents debris from entering the burner well and our patented Debris Mantle is designed for easy crumb and debris collection. This combination creates a debris management system that virtually eliminates downtime and service calls.


Royal Range of California

The RHEF-75 fryer filter system is the highest energy efficient fryer filter system available at 72% efficient. It also has the highest production at 129 pounds per hour, almost 30% higher than any other fryer available. The fryer filter systems are simply to use and easy to clean. They are available is one to five tank systems with the option of digital or computer controls. The systems come standard with a washdown hose for cleaning and filling the fryer tanks after filtering. They also have the option of a tank return and oil disposal port. Royal offers the largest selection of fryer filter systems from 35 pounds to 75 pounds and the largest selection of energy efficient models.

Modular Cooking & Serving Systems

QualServ, A Middleby Brand

Our modular cooking and serving systems can be adapted to fit any space, decor, equipment, and menu platform. Utilizing a combination of stainless steel, millwork, solid surfaces, and powder coated metals along with standard construction modules these systems come already wired and plumbed. For customer and employee confidence, Bluezone® by Middleby Air Purification Units and Vyv Continuous Antimicrobial LED Lighting can be fully integrated.

Taylor Crown Series Grills

Taylor Company

Instinctive. Intelligent. And simply amazing. With patented technology that’s unlike anything else on the market, Crown Series grills can actually sense what’s cooking and adjust their platens accordingly. In turn, ensuring precise temperatures and a more consistent end product.

The Ultimate Range

Southbend, A Middleby Brand

A highly respected and well-known heavy-duty range brand, Southbend is in use at some of the most recognized restaurants in the world. With Southbend, operators have the ability to customize their range with more than 1,200 configurations. The Ultimate Range is made in the USA with durable all stainless-steel construction, including the burner box, a feature exclusive to the Southbend. Available in five sizes, the Ultimate Range offers high Btus and a high efficiency snap action thermostat making it easy to use for specific volumes and cooking needs. The Electric Range is available in several configurations to accommodate any kitchen.


Unox Inc.

SPEED.Pro™ is the world’s first and only speed baking oven: a convection oven and a speed baking oven in a single piece of equipment. Thanks to the large baking chamber of the SPEED.Pro™, you can use the Bake mode to bake up to three 460 x 330 trays of bakery or pastry products, even frozen ones, obtaining perfectly uniform results. The Speed mode allows you to cook and regenerate food, in single or multiple portions, in record time thanks to the combination of controlled hot air flows, microwave technology and the special SPEED.Plate baking tray that transmits heat by contact, perfectly toasting all bread-based products.

Ultra-Max Griddle

Star Manufacturing, A Middleby Brand

The Star Ultra-Max griddle line has an ultra-thick 1” polished steel griddle plate for optimal heat distribution, retention, and energy-efficient cooking consistency. Ultra-Max gas griddles have 30,000 BTU per (12” section), ideal for high-volume commercial applications. The wide operating temperature range (between 150°F - 550°F), and independent temp controls (every 12”) allow a variety of product to be precisely cooked at the same time. Made in the USA, Ultra-Max griddles are available in 24”, 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72” widths. Manual control valve or mechanical snap-action thermostat available on gas models.