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  • The Case for Nimbleness

    For those of you who were able to tune in to our FED Lunch & Learn series on Tuesdays in October, you no doubt garnered a slew of great takeaways from our array of esteemed presenters and panelists. Their ideas about the transformative nature of the time we find ourselves in and the changes we are likely to see next in the world of foodservice equipment and design were both thought provoking and timely.

  • Door vs. Window

    There are many versions of the old adage “When one door closes, find a window,” all with the same meaning.

  • Reopening, Only Better…

    It’s difficult to peer through the fog of uncertainty surrounding our collective response to the COVID-19 pandemic to see exactly what the post-crisis world will look like. Even the most fundamental aspects of our lives, like school and work, are subject to profound changes as a result of the upheaval that we have all experienced.

  • Outside What Box?

    For years businesses large and small have extolled the virtues of thinking outside the proverbial box of conventional wisdom. Business leaders have lauded nimbleness in the face of rapidly changing competitive landscapes and oftentimes fickle consumer habits.

  • American Grit

    As the country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to watch a grand experiment unfold with a patchwork of varied responses based on class, economics and politics. Opinions about where this will all lead are as varied as the number of opinion-makers out there, and individual responses seem to be mostly based on the sources of information that people are choosing to rely on.

  • Coping Skills …

    Well, it is good to know that the appeal of cat videos and quarantine parodies has its limits as many industry professionals refocus at least some of their attention to the post-pandemic foodservice landscape.

  • Miller Becomes Boston Market President

    Boston Market promoted Randy Miller, a 25-year company veteran, to president.

  • Come What May …

    Normally, in May, we are gearing up for the annual FE&S Dealer of the Year and All Industry Awards Gala in Chicago. This year, that event is the furthest thing from our minds.

  • Examining the Permanent Effects of COVID-19

  • Be Nice!

     I love the hospitality industry because I think it attracts the best people.

  • Moving into a new Decade...

    It’s hard to contain our excitement here at FE&S as we begin a new year and embark on our second decade as Zoomba Group. We have so much planned for 2020, and all of it is designed to make you the best-informed foodservice professional in the equipment and supplies industry.

  • Hard Copy …

    For many years now, I’ve been telling you just how wrong I’ve been about predicting the eminent demise of printed directories.

  • 20/20 Vision …

    Well, that’s the goal, right? This time of the year, businesses large and small peer into their crystal balls for a look at the future to form an idea about what the coming year will hold.

  • Home Run Derby

    A special thanks goes out to everyone who made FE&S’ inaugural Tour the Trends event a big success.

  • Trusting Food Safety …

    Having worked in both foodservice operations and as a distributor sales rep, I’ve heard my fair share of complaining about health inspectors. They never showed up at a good time, their grievances — expressed as points on a checklist — always seemed trivial and I remember everyone viewing their presence as an unwelcome hassle in an already overwrought day.

  • High Times…

    The great national experiment toward the legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes continues to gain steam. In January of 2020, Illinois will join the growing (sorry, not sorry) list of states where recreational use is no longer a crime.

  • Lucky Seven, Plus One …

    A special shout-out this month to Editorial Director Joe Carbonara and the entire Zoomba Group team for establishing a new high-water mark for FE&S’ professional recognition. In May the American Society of Business Publication Editors recognized this publication with seven of its national Azbee awards for design and content excellence.

  • May Blossoms

    Welcome to the May 2019 issue of FE&S magazine. We hope that you will enjoy the fresh look and feel of the latest redesign.

  • Born to Be Free … and Best in Class

    One way we measure ourselves against our quest to deliver fresh and interesting new content is by regularly submitting our work to associations that judge us against business-to-business peer publications. The result is the list of our awards that appear on the masthead of our magazine. We are proud of these awards because they highlight the depth of talent that we plumb to produce a magazine that you tell us is worth reading month in and month out.

  • We Had Some Fun...

    Well, I’m not sure that having fun was all that we wanted to do at The NAFEM Show 2019 in Orlando, Fla., but I can tell you that we certainly had some. (Yep — another reference to Sheryl Crow, who I would like to thank for tossing me her guitar pick.)

  • Gearing up for DOY

    FE&SDealer of the Year and All Industry Awards Gala celebration at the Four Seasons Hotel-Chicago on May 18th is shaping up to be a special one. Of course, every year is special to us and made even more so as we reflect on the roster of past winners. This year will be extraordinary, because the 2019 DOY, TriMark USA, is made up of so many — five to be exact — past winners.

  • As the Crow Flies …

    Welcome to the first edition of FE&S for 2019 in what should prove to be an exciting and eventful year.

  • Dear Influencer

    So … you haven’t decided whether to be a nanoinfluencer or a macroinfluencer in the foodservice industry in 2019. No matter, either way the FE&S  2019 Equipment & Supplies Directory serves as a great place to start your foodservice equipment and supplies-related research.

  • Pay to Play …

     What exactly is meant by the term “pay to play” and why do we at Zoomba Group avoid it?

  • FED Talks …

    It isn’t every day that you earn the kind of praise that makes you want to blush, but such was the case after our recent confab in Chicago, the Foodservice Equipment & Design Global Thought Leadership Summit.

  • DSR U Listening?

    I hope that you will take the time to read about Eric Harrison from Supplies on the Fly, FE&S’ 2018 DSR of the Year. As many of you know, this award is near and dear to my heart as a former DSR of the Year for ID, a magazine that covered the broadline foodservice distribution space. That award came early in my career and more than a few years ago. One might reasonably ask what relevance the award has in 2018 and my answer is... plenty.

  • Eat Your Vegetables …

    There is a trend afoot that is threatening to become a movement, the roots of which, if you will pardon the pun, can be found emanating from the noncommercial segment of foodservice. I’m talking about the quiet and inexorable move toward a more plant-based diet.

  • The Right Way…

    If there was a common theme that emerged from FE&S2018 Dealer of the Year and Industry Awards Gala held on May 19th at the Four Seasons Hotel – Chicago, I think it was finding success through doing things the right way. From the Dealer of the Year recipient, The Boelter Companies, emphasis on empowering their employees to follow their entrepreneurial instincts to Hall of Fame recipient Kathleen Seelye building a stellar career based on a lifetime of collaboration and inclusion, the whole evening seemed to underscore examples of winning companies and individuals committed as much to how they succeed as they are to what they

  • Real News …

  • Magic Formula …

    Take a multigenerational family-owned business — one that hires nice people from the Midwest who generally come predisposed with a customer-centric, friendly attitude and a strong work ethic. Combine that company with some progressive management ideas promoting company-wide transparency, entrepreneurship and empowering employees throughout the organization with the authority and resources to make sure the customer is always satisfied. What do you think you’d get?

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