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Cleaning and maintenance requirements are the same for beer and wine dispensing systems. Service agents check the set pressure and clean the lines every two weeks. Quarterly use of acid line cleaner helps help dissolve any sediment that collects in the lines. Service agents also break down faucets and check for leaks, which can create a poor pour. Service agents recommend a preventative maintenance contract for through-the-wall beer draft systems.

Operators commonly use draft beer systems to maintain or chill beer to a specific temperature while transporting the brew when they cannot locate the keg directly at the bar.

The maintenance and cleaning procedures for draft beer systems depends on the type of system, including whether the refrigeration is self-contained or remote. “With keg boxes, bar operators need to be aware of CO2 pressure, rotate stock and not leave kegs in the cooler too long,” says Drew Beaty, who handles fleet and inventory at Nashville, Tenn.-based A Head for Profits.

When choosing beer and wine dispensing systems, it helps to be educated on how the different types operate, cost considerations and maintenance requirements.