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Cleaning and Maintaining Frozen Beverage/Slushie Makers

With proper maintenance and service, frozen beverage dispensers can anticipate an average service life of 8 to 10 years.

For frozen beverage dispensers, clean the air filter at least once a month or more often when the equipment operates in harsh environments. Semiannually, have a qualified service technician sanitize the unit following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Inspect scraper blades for wear during the semi-annual maintenance check. Clean syrup connections at least once every six months or prior to changing the syrup types as to not transfer flavors.

Avoid cleaning this equipment with
acidic or abrasive cleaners that can damage stainless steel and scratch surfaces of other parts of the machine. Not only is this wear and tear unattractive but scratches can harbor bacteria, compromising food safety.

The most common service issues are caused by dirty condensers or air filters. This typically happens when operators do not perform the necessary maintenance on a regular basis.

The age of the unit will impact whether the dispenser needs replacing. If an older unit requires an increasing number of service calls, consider replacing it. Also, if a major part fails, like the compressor or condenser, especially on an older unit, consider replacing the entire dispenser.