Keeping the foodservice equipment marketplace up to date with the latest menu and concept trends.


Instead of a shared space with multiple operators, the new iteration of ghost kitchens includes ghost menus that are executed out of a commissary production kitchen or a restaurant that is typically owned by one entity.

College and K-12 school campuses continue to reimagine foodservice operations.

New takes on sweet and savory transcend the trendy salted caramel flavor.

The latest technologies and thoughtful design address labor, space and budget constraints.

Fresh thoughts on how to improve the overall guest experience.

Here, ways the sustainability needle continues to move in support of greener menus and back-of-the-house operations.

Comfort foods with a retro and/or nostalgic influence remain prominent on today’s menus.

Sustainability is the philosophy underlying a set of systems and practices designed to meet the needs of people today in such a way that the needs of people tomorrow will also be met. In a world of climate destabilization, resource depletion, population pressures and rapid technological change, the old ways of using energy and resources need to be transformed.

Generally deemed a good value for portion size from consumers, barbecue continues its successful run; new sauce flavors help, as does current protein cost.

The momentum behind all-electric kitchens grows, but it’s no simple switch.

Serving a changing menu to different large groups requires a flexible space. 

Budget, ROI and thinking through operational aspects all come into play when considering environmentally friendly equipment specifications.

Bars come in all shapes and sizes and play a vital role in the success of the hospitality industry.

The intersection of aspiration and reality often conjures up a visual image that evokes a busy roundabout funneling traffic.

No rules exist when it comes to creating impressive and memorable table settings.

Explore a range of efforts from nine varied restaurant chains that promote a level of eco-consciousness.