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The 1900DWDT offers dual temperature options in the same cabinet, ideal for mass holding and increased takeout. Using separate controls and heating systems, this unit offers the ultimate in flexibility with different temperature set-points in the upper and lower compartments. Each shelf in the unit maintains an exact temperature and allows for extended holding time within a compact footprint. Using patented Fluid Shelf® technology, food quality and safety are a sure thing. Thermodyne ovens are designed to be user friendly, improve kitchen efficiency, and eliminate error — all of which will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Blast Chillers/Shock Freezers


At the end of the day throwing away food increases both your food and labor costs without increasing your profits. With Thermo-Kool blast chillers and shock freezers, food can be kept fresh for longer periods of time to permit refrigeration of items that would normally be thrown out. These savings can be very significant over time. After blast chilling, food can be safely preserved for up to five days and for months after shock freezing which enables you to increase shelf life while preserving your food quality, reducing food costs and ensuring efficiency and productivity.

hotLOGIX® Holding Cabinets

Carter-Hoffmann, A Middleby Brand

Carter-Hoffmann offers the largest line of holding cabinets with hotLOGIX.  From budget-conscious options to cabinets with all the bells and whistles, there’s one to fit any application. Cabinets come in four heights: undercounter, half-size, ¾ height and full height. You can choose from heated or heated and humidified with blower heat and engineered ducting for a consistent environment throughout. There’s an array of options such as: fixed wire, channel and adjustable universal pan slides; solid or glass doors, pass-though and Dutch doors; top or bottom-mounted heat. Any operation can maximize food quality, operational efficiency and minimize food waste with hotLOGIX.

MultiFresh® NEXT


Introducing the most powerful and efficient blast chiller on the market. The MultiFresh® Next offers a complete range of functionalities to customize your blast chiller. Everything is configurable to create equipment tailored to the specific requirements of your kitchen. MultiFresh® Next generates more power with less environmental impact by using propane, an eco-friendly gas optimizing energy efficiency and guaranteeing quicker chilling and freezing cycles. Simplify your workflow by programming tasks and controlling them remotely. New compressors, fans and condensers guarantee improved performance with extremely low noise emissions, putting performance first with high-power and high-speed chilling and freezing.

MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum


The patented, 2021 Kitchen Innovations Award Winner, MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum system allows you to vacuum-store hot food in the MULTI.Day Trays and transport it anywhere without the risk of spilling liquids or contamination from outside. Use MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum to seal and vacuum MULTI.Day Trays to safely and effectively preserve your food at Service Temperature for days in EVEREO®.

1-Series Food Delivery Bags


1-Series is a line of food delivery and transport bags suitable for meal delivery with restaurants and noncommercial operators such as K-12 operations. The line includes pizza bags, catering bags and EPP carriers that can securely transport food pans to an event location. Features include thick insulation on all sides and reinforced stitching.

Mobile Service Cart

Advance Tabco

Advance Tabco’s all new Mobile Service Cart allows balanced breakfast items readily available where student traffic is the heaviest — the hallways! It features an insulated ice bin, two angled over-shelves, cashier shelf, handle and four HD casters. Ample storage space available on the backside of the cart, to fit hot/cold holding cabinets — allowing hot foods to stay hot and cold foods to stay cold longer. Overall, the Mobile Service Cart will help save time and labor, making school food programs run more efficiently. Finish the look with included removable magnetic sign, designed by Advance Tabco’s in-house artists.

Heated Holding Shelves


This line of heated holding shelves keeps serving trays, takeout containers, catering boxes and bagged meals hot and ready for customers. The shelves reach 175 degrees F in less than 15 minutes, per the manufacturer. Operators can use the hidden electronic controls to save their ideal preset surface temperatures ranging from
90 degrees F to 215 degrees F. Adjustable legs allow for placement on uneven surfaces.

Northwind™ Blast Chiller


Bally has two models of roll-in blast chillers, both designed to rapidly chill hot product through the danger zone of 160 to 36 degrees. The Northwind™ 500 can accommodate 20 pans or 1 rack holding up to 250 lbs., while the Northwind™ 1000 is the largest model designed to accommodate 40 pans or 2 racks holding up to 500 lbs. The most popular use today is consolidation of the chiller into a large commissary walk-in, with the chiller located in a corner. Bally’s design offers an optional rear door to allow for pass through of product into the holding cooler.

Drop-In Type Open Horizontal Display Cases

Turbo Air

Features of this line of drop-in-type open horizontal display cases include a self-cleaning coil, hydrocarbon refrigerants, stainless-steel interior, LED interior lighting and a night curtain.