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Here are five considerations foodservice operators should take into account when purchasing a steam-jacketed kettle.

Some manufacturers insist that operators bring units in for service, while others will arrange work on toasters where they are installed. Depending on usage rates and models selected, this could prove a critical difference for operator customers.

Although panini presses are pretty basic in construction and simple to use, cleaning and maintenance are important for a long service life.

Cafe operators should consider the toaster’s output capacity, footprint and the types of products that will be toasted before deciding on a model. For space savings, pop-up toasters have smaller footprints than conveyor models but typically handle smaller volumes. Compact models should be considered by operators facing space limitations.

Although this equipment is simple, durability can be an issue in high-volume operations.

There are situations in which operators should consider replacing an existing range or adding a new unit to their kitchen.